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To dream of stones represents intensity, agreement, and unwavering faith. If you think about the saying 'etched in stone.' this can imply steadfast and everlasting opinions. Some stones may also symbolize different mystical or holy significance. As well, stones can reflect values, principals, and regret.

To dream that you are carrying a bag of stones implies that you posses resilience and endurance, but you haven't yet shown these qualities

To see rough stones in your dream indicates that you are still seeking to discover your inner spirituality and personal qualities.

Different stones hold certain meanings in other religions and societies. If you take a look at the Black Stone of Mecca, Muslims hold the idea that this permits them to speak to God. For the Irish, the Blarney Stone represents fluency and expression.

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To dream of a grocery or convenience store implies that you are feeling great pressure and stress with your personal thoughts and decisions. It may also mean that you are searching for alternative paths and choices.

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To dream of a stork indicates new life and productivity. Perhaps you have developed an innovative and creative notion.

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To dream of a storm implies that you are experiencing extreme hardships and shocking misfortunes in your life. The storm may also symbolize suppressed feelings, terror, hostility, or wrath.

On a more positive note, the storm indicates that your personality is emerging to the surface. To dream that you take cover in a storm implies that the hardships and obstacles will only last a short time. You will be able to overcome them. You possess stamina and intensity to overcome these issues.

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To dream of a stove implies that you are close to discovering personal knowledge or getting in touch with your spirituality. You are reaching a new level of understanding.

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To dream of your own stomach implies that you will be facing transformations and alterations. Perhaps you are reluctant for these transformations to occur. It may also reflect your feelings of distaste towards someone or something. The stomach is normally associated with our feelings.

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To dream of wearing stockings symbolizes your ability to comprehend situations. You are very practical and sensible. You are surrounded by many people who are there to offer their assistance.
To see someone put on stockings refers to an experience or circumstance regarding sex.

To see a Christmas stocking implies that you want others to notice and accept you. It may also imply that you should be a more charitable person.

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To dream of a stop sign implies that you should assess a situation or issue more carefully and determine if your actions should continue. Be careful and vigilant. This can also represent obstacles and hardships that you may face on your journey.

To dream that you run a stop sign implies that you are impulsive and don't think issues through before you act. This spontaneous behavior can be damaging and hurtful.

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To dream of a stoplight indicates that someone or something is preventing you from achieving your objectives. Perhaps you want to excel beyond your capabilities for fear of not advancing. If the stoplight is green, then this implies that the direction or goals that you are following are acceptable.

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To dream about the stock market symbolizes the positive and negative experiences in your life. It also implies that you take chances and tend to test your luck in certain situations.

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To dream that you are driving along an embankment suggests that there will be difficulties and unpleasantness ahead.

To dream that you ride a horse along an embankment suggests that you will defeat every barrier in your way. This will lead to prosperity and fulfillment.

To dream that you are walking along an embankment suggests that you are tired and worn down from your efforts to reach a higher level.

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To dream of a macadamized road foretells enjoyable travels that will bring you much prosperity and happiness.

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To dream of a magnet implies that you are being influenced by unfavorable issues or situations that can only bring you shame and destruction. It may refer to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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To dream of a necklace symbolizes unmet needs and wants. It likewise emphasizes your intelligence and aspirations for greater authority and supremacy over others.

To see a broken necklace in your dream suggests harmony between your logical and emotional thinking. This may suggest a need allow your gut to govern some decisions on your current situation or relationship.

To dream that you lost a necklace represents misery and sorrow.

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To dream of an obelisk symbolizes indifferent and harsh character. It also means a need to warm up to others and to refine your character.

Dreaming of an obelisk may also suggest genital/sexual insinuation.

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To dream of pebbles indicates the presence of challenges and nuisances in your life.

To dream that you are throwing pebbles hints that you may be upset and disheartened over trivial matters.

To dream of pebbles likewise represents disapproval and rumor.

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To dream of potholes indicates obstacles and challenges in achieving your ambitions. You may have to rethink how you conduct your affairs and approach them from a different angle. The dream also denotes that you are not doing well in some situations.

You may need to take a good look at changes necessary to achieve your goals.

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To dream of rocks may be associated with the enduring quality and stability as in the expression, 'solid as a rock.'

It may also signify making changes in your life to establish solid ground as you continue to build up and work on the attainment of your goals. On the other hand, rocks also mean conflict, sorrow, and being headstrong.

To dream of scaling a steep rock suggests hardship, difficulties, and fear of failure.

*See Stones

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To dream of a sandbox implies that you need to relax and have some fun. You are tackling a task with too much intensity.

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To dream of people you know as statues implies that you are having difficulties conversing with or expressing your thoughts to these people. Perhaps the bond you share with this person is strained. On a more positive note, it may symbolize a person who you hold with high esteem.

To dream that you are a statue implies that your ideals and beliefs are unrealistic.