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Red  4 commented on this dream

To dream of the color red indicates raw power, elan, fervor, intense passion, aggression, authority, and bravery. It connotes deep emotions and spirituality. It also stands for anger, such as in the idiom, 'seeing red.'

Red can also suggest danger, stigma, and compulsion, particularly in sex. Your dream is a nudge for you to rethink your actions and avoid being impulsive.

Redhead  No comments yet

To dream you are a redhead suggests you need to take time off for pleasure and relaxation. Make major changes, particularly in your lifestyle.

Elk  No comments yet

To dream about an elk indicates power and perseverance. You should share with acquaintances and choose better foods.

Ferret  3 commented on this dream

To dream about a ferret represents a lack of faith in others in your life. This dream can also indicate that you may be searching for something.

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*See Drugs.

Panda  No comments yet

To dream of a panda suggests an uncompromising attitude. You need to enter into an amicable compromise for the satisfaction of all parties involved.

To dream of a panda may also symbolize your childhood personality traits. It may also represent something that is cuddly.

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To dream that somebody is demanding ransom from you suggests you have been betrayed by someone in real life.

Rescue  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are being rescued or you are rescuing others signifies an effort to express feelings which you previously suppressed. You are exerting effort in the expression of these neglected emotions.

A particular dream about saving someone from drowning is symbolic of your success in communicating the thoughts, emotions, and traits embodied by the drowning person.

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To dream of a robin is associated with a new lease in life and personal growth. It may also be a subconscious recall of someone named Robin.

Rouge  1 commented on this dream

To dream you are putting on or wearing rouge indicates you will use deception to get what you want.

To see others with rouge on their faces denotes that you are being manipulated or deceived.

To dream the rouge on your face is coming off signifies you will experience the humiliation of losing your loved one to your rival.

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To dream of of a ruby symbolizes life, intense emotions, and sexual longing.

To see ruby slippers represents your path to spiritual rebirth. You will embark on a journey to self-discovery.

Rust  No comments yet

To dream of rust forming on iron or tin implies that you need to take better care of yourself, another person, or a certain possession. It also represents the progression towards the end of life. This dream may symbolize a negative environment which includes loss of wealth or untrue peers.