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To dream that you have power signifies self-respect and confidence in your increasing abilities. On the other hand, possession of power may be a compensation for a waking life in which you lack the necessary power to carry out your goals.

To dream you are powerless implies a similar scenario when you are awake - you feel a lack of energy and confidence in accomplishing a task.

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To dream of seeing or being entangled in power lines portrays your strive to gain power. There is a hindrance either in your relationship or profession.

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To dream of a cable denotes your physical body and the strength you possess. Following the same vein, a broken or frayed cable indicates a weak physical body.

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To dream about playing an electric guitar indicates the potential and energy of your dreams. You are able to display your emotions to others. This dream can also represent youthful revolt.

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To dream you are possessed indicates a sense of being powerless or helpless. It notes of being manipulated by others.

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To dream of a potion forewarns of bad luck. Do not attempt to disrupt the normal rhythm of your life.

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To dream of a scepter symbolizes your ability to change an unpleasant situation into something positive.

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To dream of seeing or riding a tractor indicates your inventiveness and creativity.

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To dream about a battery symbolizes the spirit and vigor of existence. However, if it is a dead battery, it means that you are depressed and tired.

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To dream that you have a disability suggests that you are undergoing a period of low self-esteem. You have lost track or control within your life. This could be because you are underachieving. The disabled part of your body is a symbol for your waking life.

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To dream about an extension cord indicates that you should surround yourself with people who have plenty of energy. Think about the part of you that has been lying quietly.

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One of the worst human feelings is that of helplessness.

To dream of helplessness indicates a need to stand up and fight for yourself - go for an inner battle and reclaim self-respect because as no one can fight this battle for you.