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To dream that you are jealous signifies that the same feeling in your waking like. This dream may be telling you that you have some unresolved and unconscious feelings of jealousy toward a certain person. Additionally, it symbolizes your weakness and fear of being too close to someone. You need to work on improving your self-esteem and self-worth.

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To dream that you are envious of others indicates that you will be able to attract new people due to your kindness and the good intentions of others.

To dream that you are being envied suggests that other people who are working hard to satisfy you are being taxed to the point of burden.

Cannibalism  1 commented on this dream

To dream of cannibalism indicates a dangerous and prohibited fixation that you or someone else possesses. It may represent an affair, jealousy, or resentment. A direct interpretation of a cannibal is their desire to completely devour a person. In essence, this dream may be suggesting that some part of your life is sapping your emotional and physical strength. This could be your job, home life, or lover. You should try to avoid situations and issues that can cause you harm and distress.

To dream that you are a victim of cannibalism represents the pressures and burdens that you are experiencing at your job, home, or other circumstance.

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To dream of poison ivy indicates hostile attitudes or scheming thoughts running through your head. It symbolizes jealousy, anger, and revenge.

On the other hand, poison ivy may likewise signify getting into a situation that you should avoid.

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To dream of a hyacinth refers to intense feelings of jealousy or resentment.

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To dream of a platter symbolizes a state of laziness or even jealousy for the success of other people.

To dream of a platter also connotes your wish that all your desires be handed to you 'on a silver platter.'

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To dream that you are ironing suggests happy and comfortable living conditions. This may also mean you are trying to 'iron out' some aspects of your personal life.

To dream that you burn your hands while ironing signifies unhealthy choices, a loss of tranquility, jealousy, and chaos.

Falling  6 commented on this dream

It can be theorized that to dream of falling is a physical sensation of a drop on blood pressure. As this registers in the brain, the subconscious will alert you of it in this fashion. It produces a sinking feeling such as this. There is however, a religious side to this concept as well. In Christianity, a realm of eternal suffering is located beneath the surface of the Earth. It is called Hell. It is believed to be home to Demons, or Fallen Angels. These Angels were once in the paradise-like realm among the clouds called Heaven. Greed and jealousy however, turned them cruel and full of hate. This caused them to 'fall' down to the underworld.

Because of this, it is thought by some that to dream of falling represents your fall from purity and suggests that you have strayed from your spiritual path. Perhaps you have cheated someone or misled another. One may have this dream as a sign that they need to check and make sure that their thoughts are noble before they act on them.

But the most widely accepted meanings of falling dreams have nothing to do with science, nor with religion. Generally, if you fall within a dream, it is thought to have to do with balance, or rather a lack thereof. Most likely you have been increasingly stressed due to a recent failure in your life whether it is associated with your job, schooling or a relationship. This fall from glory is dreamt for the purpose of telling the dreamers to get up, dust themselves off and keep on trying.

It is also suspected that to dream of falling stands for your feeling of being below everyone else. The dreamer is belittling or torturing conscience to self-causing a low self-esteem. This type of dream is trying to make them aware of this and show them that they need to have more confidence in themselves and become well rooted so that they will not 'fall' at the first sign of opposition. They need to stand strong.

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To dream of a falcon signifies that success you have in business may be creating jealousy in others. Hunting a falcon may indicate that you may be harming other people by being overly aggressive in your business affairs.

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To dream that you are making a pallet on the floor symbolizes an estranged relationship and parting between lovers.

A dream that you are sleeping on a pallet denotes the presence of a rival basking in jealousy over your glory and achievements.

River  6 commented on this dream

To dream of a clear and calm river symbolizes the act of floating away with the current. This relates to indecisiveness and peer pressure. The time has come to take a stand on decisions that will directly impact your life.

A river also stands for joyful pleasures, tranquility, and opulence.

To see a raging river suggests an overwhelming feeling of losing control on matters at hand.

To see a muddy and/or raging river represents chaotic times and jealousy in your life.

To dream of a river flowing with red chili represents the raw emotion, strong passion, or resentment that is flowing through you. You are looking for an outlet for these emotions.

Roses  1 commented on this dream

To dream of roses blooming symbolizes devotion in love and excitement over an upcoming joyous occasion.

A red rose signifies passion, femininity, love, and romance.

To see a white rose represents virginity, purity, or mystery. A yellow rose means infidelity or jealousy.

To see withered roses in your dream represents death, absence, or a parting with a loved one.

To smell a rose denotes extreme pleasure and happiness.