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To dream about goldfish predicts that you will come into prosperity and many wonderful and thrilling escapades.

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To dream of a jellyfish signifies unpleasant unconscious memories from the past that are now becoming evident. This may represent strong feelings of aggression in certain aspects of your waking life. Additionally, this indicates feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy. It may be due to some situations in the past where you failed to adhere to your principles and beliefs.

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To dream about a flying fish suggests that you feel unencumbered by your emotions and that you are unrestrained.

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To dream of a mackerel fish implies strength and courage. It also indicates the ability to know what you want and to achieve it.

A school of mackerel indicates the possibility of huge success in relation to a creative venture.

A lone female mackerel is a message to take note of one particularly exciting idea at this time.

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To dream of manna is suggesting that your unconscious is reminding you to have faith in your life process; things are happening in accordance with the highest good for you.

A dream of manna is an instruction to stay in the moment and treat each day with gratitude and reverence, as focusing on the future will not benefit you at this time.

Earthworm  1 commented on this dream

To dream of an earthworm suggests the beginning of a creative project. An earthworm is indication of surplus energy that may now be put to productive use with fruitful results. A number of earthworms in a dream speak of creative collaborations. To dream of earthworms coming to the Earth's surface indicates that a break to refuel may be required before continuing a current project. Dreaming of eating earthworms or dried earthworms on the ground may indicate literal dehydration and probable emotional exhaustion.

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To dream that you are assembled with the cast from a show, play or TV series is a message about taking life too seriously. There is a reminder that life is a little like a play and you are the director of your part in it.
To dream that you are casting a net implies an unconscious awareness of the many possibilities and options for success. Note the things caught in such a net for further insight.

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To dream of wielding a harpoon symbolizes strength and power of will. You have the drive to conquer the big problem you are facing in your life, no matter how long it takes. Dreaming of being struck by a harpoon indicates that you feel hurt by unexpected consequences from your past.

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In a dream, the manta ray symbolizes a deep connection to the subconscious. The manta ray lives near the bottom of the ocean, hiding itself in the sand. If a manta ray reveals itself to you in a dream, you are being exposed to a hidden secret within your mind. The manta ray is graceful and effortlessly glides through your subconscious. The manta ray makes an excellent guide to knowing yourself better.

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To dream about a nest represents security, family and home. What you place inside the nest in your dream represents something you hold very dearly or which you have taken care of and built over a long time.
A nest filled with eggs in a dream may represent your nest egg, the savings you keep for future financial or emotional security.
The nest might also represent your web of social contacts which you have built to protect yourself and your family in times of crisis.