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To dream of a chimney symbolizes the comfort and affection that is present among close family and friends. A chimney can also represent the male genitals. If the chimney collapses in the dream, this could indicate fears of sexual incompetence.

To dream that you are sweeping the chimney implies that you are holding in strong emotions of anger or wrath. You need to learn how to express these feelings to avoid emotional harm.

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A long time ago, the hearth was considered as the most important part of a home, as it points to family warmth, values, and ownership. To dream of a hearth indicates similar ideas.

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A helmet is a sign for protection. Due to its closeness to the head, to dream of a helmet usually refers to the need to protect your ideas and thoughts.

Red  4 commented on this dream

To dream of the color red indicates raw power, elan, fervor, intense passion, aggression, authority, and bravery. It connotes deep emotions and spirituality. It also stands for anger, such as in the idiom, 'seeing red.'

Red can also suggest danger, stigma, and compulsion, particularly in sex. Your dream is a nudge for you to rethink your actions and avoid being impulsive.

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To dream of a ship launching from the wharf or pier implies the birth of an exciting project or news of an actual pregnancy.

To dream that you are attending a rocket launch indicates a dream coming true and cautions dedication and focus to keep grounded.

To be at your own book launch may symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your career.

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To dream of a hand grenade indicates that you may be about to give someone some information that you have been guarding. Although you may feel that it is right to say what you know, you might need to examine your motives and the consequences should you tell. To be holding the hand grenade symbolizes a personal desire for drama and the ability to achieve it, but at a high cost.

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In a dream, a Leo represents the strong character traits of that sign. The Leo is a bold, outgoing, and creative person. The symbol of the Leo is a lion, whose strengths are leadership and loyalty to family. You may desire to strengthen these character traits as they exist in your own personality.

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To dream of a lighter indicates power and control. You have the ability to set off a spark and change your surroundings, whether in terms of your relationships with friends or your status at work.

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To dream of a mantle over a fireplace represents a place close to your heart. The hearth is the heart of the home and in a dream the objects you keep on your mantle represent the things which are important to you.

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A dream about seeing a glow stick represents both a guiding light in the dark and a sense of fun that can only be experienced at night. It could represent an exciting secret or an enjoyable activity that is only available to be experienced in a very strict and limited time frame.