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To dream of a wedge is a physical symbol of a coming separation from your friends and family. It could further indicate trouble on your horizon.

Affront  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are the victim of an affront means that an evil individual will seize upon your naivete and place you in jeopardy.

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To dream about seeing or wearing a bonnet symbolizes cloistered and quaint thoughts and beliefs. Your stubborn mindset is hampering plans for the future.

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To dream of brass represents some dishonesty, lie, or treachery that is present in your life. It may be traits that you or someone you know possesses. Brass can also indicate that you are very daring and confident.

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To dream of your cheeks represents devotion, familiarity, and love. It can be a reflection of your personality traits and your beliefs. In addition, cheeks can symbolize a person's rear end.
To see rosy-colored cheeks in your dream implies a life of excitement, energy, and verve. To dream that your cheeks are painted means that you possess steady attributes such as bravery and aggressiveness.

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To dream of a cherub symbolizes the pure, vulnerable, and fun-loving aspects of your personality. You should lighten up and be more optimistic. It may also mean that you have been taking advantage of someone or are being insincere and deceitful.

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To dream that you are waving goodbye with a handkerchief suggests your impending fall from social stature. Something will happen that will put you in shame.

To dream that you lose your handkerchief indicates that you will become separated from your significant other.

To dream that your handkerchief has been dirtied suggests that you will face long odds of patching things up with your significant other.

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To dream that you see your own nose symbolizes a serious attempt to accomplish a chosen undertaking. It also suggests force, instinct, good judgment, and a need to better understand the current situation.

As used in the phrase 'being nosy,' seeing a nose in your dream likewise means curiosity.

To dream of having hair growing on your nose hints of rare tasks that you need to execute through unresolved will power and character.

The dream of nosebleed predicts of lurking catastrophe and hazards.

Jekyll and Hyde  No comments yet

To dream of Jekyll and Hyde indicates that you are ambivalent over an important situation in your waking life.

To dream of becoming overwhelmed by a dangerous aspect of your personality suggests that if you were to release your dangerous side, your life could spin out of control.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde appearing in a dream are strong reminders of the need to release emotion before it explodes. Finding someone to talk to may be important at this time.

Queen of Hearts  No comments yet

To dream of the queen of hearts indicates either the opportunity to meet your mate and fall in love, or to renew a love that may have been flagging through unawareness and inattentiveness.

There is a sense of trepidation if the queen of hearts appears in a dream, as though yielding to love is a great risk. The message is to yield anyway and open up to a realm of possibility only previously imagined.