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Drowning  2 commented on this dream

To dream that you are drowning suggests that your feelings are pressing down too hard on you and that something you buried long ago is awakening. You could be moving too fast if you are attempting to dig into your subconscious. Slow down. If you drown and die, this represents a passionate rejuvenation. If you survive, then a relationship you are having trouble in will make it through.

To dream about someone else drowning indicates that you are investing too much in some situation that you cannot control. This dream may also indicate that you have lost your individuality. You can't tell the difference between the different personas you wear.

To dream about rescuing someone from drowning suggests that you have dealt with some feelings and attributes that are represented by the person drowning.

Underwater  3 commented on this dream

To dream that you are underwater represents that you are overcome with emotions and need greater organization in your life. You may even be over your head in some circumstances.

To dream that you are breathing underwater signifies a withdrawal back into the womb. You yearn for a chance to return to a position where you were liberated from responsibilities. Maybe you were feeling unable to provide for your own needs and caring about yourself. You may even be inundated in your own sentiments.

Life Saver  No comments yet

A life saver in a dream refers to safety and comfort in your life.
To dream of colorful candy life savers represents happiness and security.
To dream of floating in a life saver indicates that you feel as though you have been rescued.

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