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An outhouse in a dream indicates that you have something you are hiding. You may need to open up to others or yourself to show your true emotions.

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To be lost in a parking structure in a dream implies that you are struggling to make progress toward a goal. You may feel that you are going around in circles and the situation never changes.
To be searching for your car in a parking structure in a dream indicates that you may reach your goal or a setback of reaching your goal which depends on the outcome of your search.

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To meet a realtor in a dream represents a focus on yourself and your relationships.
To consider many houses in a dream may symbolize many potential mates, or potential paths in life.
To dream of a realtor who sells your house indicates that you desire a break with your past.

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A sanctuary in a dream is a place where you keep your secrets.
To claim sanctuary in a dream suggests that you have a fear of exposure among your peers. You may be hiding from something on the outside. Try to determine what it is you are escaping from, and confront that problem in your waking life.

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To be weightlifting in a dream symbolizes discipline and training. You are working to increase your worth, your strength, and your confidence.

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To dream of an amphitheater suggests that you are currently being closely watched or scrutinized. Rather than letting this overwhelm you, turn it around and use it to your advantage.
Dreaming you are in an amphitheater symbolizes a position of trust. Try not to let those close to you feel down.

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To see a boathouse in your dream indicates a feeling of confinement and staleness in waking life. Just as a boat sitting idle and unmoving in a boathouse, you feel in waking life that you are being stuck, not progressing nor growing.
Dreaming that you are preparing to take a boat out of the boathouse prominently implies that you are soon to be free with more choices in waking life, especially if you untie a boat and set it out into the open water in your dream.