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To dream that you are watching animation implies that you are an easy going person and you don't take life too seriously. You can take a negative situation and turn it into something positive.

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To dream that you have power signifies self-respect and confidence in your increasing abilities. On the other hand, possession of power may be a compensation for a waking life in which you lack the necessary power to carry out your goals.

To dream you are powerless implies a similar scenario when you are awake - you feel a lack of energy and confidence in accomplishing a task.

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To dream that you are being resuscitated hints of serious losses in your future.

To dream that you resuscitate another person symbolizes birth of new alliances and friendships leading to extreme satisfaction.

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To awaken in your dream signifies your acknowledgment of your inner spirituality. You recognize and accept all of your attributes. You are expressing your desire to work to the best of your ability. Pay attention to the person or thing that roused you from your sleep. This may represent an important factor that you need to incorporate into your life.

To dream that you are waking someone up indicates that you recognize attributes in that person that you also possess.

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To dream that you have an awakening is an indication of innovative thoughts and suggestions that others will recognize and accept. Knowledge and understanding are becoming apparent to you.

Your dream may be a symbol of clear and precise thought.

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To dream about bones represents an unearthing of cryptic aspects of yourself and your heritage. It also indicates subsurface attributes that haven't been realized.

To dream about broken bones means that you have found some flaw in your course of action. It could be a sign that you should to attend to some affair in your life.

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To dream of a buoy indicates that you are capable of staying strong when faced with hardship. It may also imply that your feelings and inner spirit are being revitalized. It could also mean that you have finally been able to acknowledge hidden emotions.

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To dream that your real life is depicted in a cartoon world signifies that you are perceiving the world in a comical and unserious manner. This dream may also serve as an escape from the stressful realities of your life. It is your way of obtaining moments of lightheartedness and fun. Additionally, you may need to learn to laugh at yourself and at your mistakes.

To dream that you are watching cartoons indicates that you are not taking life seriously.

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To dream of the undead or zombies implies that you may be being plagued with old sabotaging thoughts. Note the atmosphere of the dream - is it scary or calm? What is the environment? Habits or memories that hurt you may be coming up more often and you could be feeling overwhelmed. This is simply a sign that you are ready to release yourself from these old and nagging thought systems. Seek some help in clearing old patterns.