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A door knocker in a dream symbolizes an opportunity. You may have a choice presented to you in which you are called to take action and take risks with the hope of success.

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To dream of knocking represents the attempt of your subconscious to bring a certain aspect of your life to greater consciousness. This may also mean the coming of a new opportunity.

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*Please see Knocker.

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To dream that your boat has capsized indicates that you are reluctant to face an embarrassing or awkward issue. To face this would mean that you would have to admit that it exists. You are not prepared to confront these feelings yet.

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*Please See Handicap.

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To dream that you are out on the deck signifies your affiliation with your inner being and with nature that surrounds you. You should become attuned more to your background.

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To dream of moving downwards directly suggests that you may be doing so in life as well, whether with a poor decision or towards the wrong goal. 'Going down,' as in oral sex, may indicate that the dream has a sexual meaning.

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To dream of dynamite suggests that there will be rapid changes coming to you. You could be holding in anger that will soon boil to the surface.

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To dream that you're hitting something or someone indicates that you have been suppressing your anger. You need to express your ill feelings in a positive way.

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To dream that you feel deflated implies that you have had a recent blow to your ego and are processing this experience in your sleep. To watch another deflate could indicate that you are the one being flippant with your words and possibly hurting someone else unintentionally.

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To dream of a demolition suggests that an experience of complete deconstruction of a strongly held idea may be occurring in your waking life. Although there may be a sense of loss associated with a demolition dream, there is also the indication of rebirth. Be aware of what is being demolished, as this will give you an idea of how to approach the next step in your life.

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Jousting in a dream represents a conflict within yourself. The matching pair of horsemen riding against each other indicate that there are mirrored aspects of your personality which are struggling for dominance. Jousting may also represent a conflict with someone in your daily life. This person is someone that you feel a strong kinship with or in whom you see many similar personality traits to your own.

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To feel paralyzed in a dream is very common. When you are not sleeping deeply, your mind becomes aware of the fact that you are not moving in your bed and the illusion of your dream is broken. Your mind assumes you are paralyzed in the dream world as a way of explaining the sensation that you are not moving in your bed.
Symbolically, to be paralyzed in a dream may represent your feelings of lack of control. You may also feel an inability to prevent something in which you want to stop.