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To dream of a volcano represents your innermost thoughts. You have carefully hidden dangerous and violent tendencies from those around you. The volcano may also indicate your character has been maligned by someone near to you.

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To dream of pavement represents good comprehension of a situation. You are firmly holding on to your beliefs and decisions.

To dream of pavement may also be a sign of carefully planning a strategy to reach your goals.

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To dream of a railroad symbolizes careful and meticulous planning in the pursuit of your goals.

To see an obstruction on the railroad suggests obstacles in the way of your life goals. It may also point out that you have gone off track from your original objective.

To dream that you are walking alongside railroad tracks implies your satisfaction over the competence you exhibited in completing your tasks.

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To dream that you are walking on a sidewalk symbolizes your constant development and the path you are traveling through life. Perhaps you are embarking on a bold, new journey. If the sidewalk is cracked, then this represents small and brief obstacles that are attempting to veer you off course. You may have to change your direction and try a new approach.

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To dream about going up a driveway indicates that your travels have come to an end. This dream also suggests safety and tranquility. It can also indicate your journey to reaching a sense of harmony within yourself and your faith.

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Dreaming of a dead end that is marked by a wall is showing that it may be time to re-evaluate a situation in your waking life. A dead end can indicate that a current situation is not working out quite as you may have expected and a feeling of disappointment is likely if you are to continue. To dream of a dead end that is marked by trees or an open space implies that there is another way to go that will produce a fruitful outcome.

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Vertical elements in a dream symbolize spiritual power or transcendence.
To dream of vertical movement represents a change toward a more spiritual perspective.

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Noticing blinkers in a dream indicates your need to know where you are going in life. Consider your current situation - it may be that you are at a turning point in your life, or that you simply wish to have a plan set out for your future. Whatever the case, blinkers mean you need to focus on your path and try to plan ahead.

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To dream of a waterfall is a symbol of release. Whatever you have been holding in during your waking life will soon be released. The waterfall is a physical representation of your life's desires and goals. Clear, cool waterfalls indicate a new lease on life.

If you dream of a waterfall cascading over you, consider your emotional state. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you been holding back your feelings? Face your feelings and your emotions as a step towards finding peace.

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To dream of a cable car is alerting you to a precarious situation in your waking life. A cable car in a dream suggests a risk taken and a sense of anxiety as you await the outcome.
Dreaming of being alone in the cable car can mean that you were unconsciously secure in a recent decision.
Dreaming of a cable car full of people indicates the need for support whilst you await some important news.
A moving cable car in your dream implies that things will turn out okay and that there is little need for anxiety at all.