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To dream of a weasel is a signal to consider who in your waking life you do not have faith in. Has someone betrayed your trust? Conversely, the weasel may also indicate that your own behavior has been less than honorable.

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To dream of a canopy represents security and safety. It is possible that you may be receiving a promotion at work or an increase in your social status.

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To dream that you are riding a glider indicates that you tend to let things happen rather than going out there and making them happen. This dream also indicates that things come easy to you.

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To dream about the Grinch indicates that you have lost your bearings or balance. You are traveling along a shifty road. You should dig down to the heart of some situation. This dream may also represent that you should take care of yourself because you are usually tending to the requirements of others.

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To dream of seeing a hearse indicates that you need to gear up and move on by letting go of the past and being open to the new changes that will take place in your life.

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A hermit is a common indication of distance, isolation and solitude. To dream about being a hermit means that you're experiencing those feelings and that they are starting to affect your life.

Living in a cocoon or hiding yourself in the sand can never be a solution to any problem. You might be so used to this approach that you opt to completely abandon important situations and people.

Try to think things over - speak to a friend or someone you trust. Don't isolate yourself, or else it might be too late to turn back and resolve an issue.

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Hippies represent rebellion, revolution, freedom, and fighting oppression.

To dream of being a hippie indicates your desire to stand out from the crowd, and to be known for your unique identity and style.

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To dream of a jester signifies mundane things and passing fancies which might cause you to pay little attention to important and pressing matters.

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To dream of a sailor or sailors indicates that a message from overseas may be on its way to you.

Dreaming of yourself as a sailor implies a readiness to explore emotions that you have been avoiding for some reason; courage may be filling you with readiness for adventure.

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To dream of an idle janitor implies drawbacks in your business dealings.
To see a busy janitor means good news in the future.