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Legislature  No comments yet

To dream that you are a member of a legislature suggests that you are arrogant and conceited. You give high regard to the quantity and quality of your personal possessions, but have no real grasp of your role in promoting economic and social advancement.

Manslaughter  No comments yet

To dream of manslaughter represents anxieties regarding some situation or issue in your life. There may also be some sort of rumor or indignity that is affecting you.

Medicine Man  No comments yet

To dream of a traditional medicine man implies that you have many people in your life who can offer you comfort, security, and guidance. They will assist you in your pursuit to achieve your goals.

Quack Doctor  No comments yet

To dream of a quack doctor is an indication that your doctor in waking life may not be as qualified as you believe him or her to be. Be sure to carefully review credentials and licensing information prior to any treatment plan. In general, the quack doctor may be seen as a reminder that people are not always what they claim to be.

Hand Grenade  No comments yet

To dream of a hand grenade indicates that you may be about to give someone some information that you have been guarding. Although you may feel that it is right to say what you know, you might need to examine your motives and the consequences should you tell. To be holding the hand grenade symbolizes a personal desire for drama and the ability to achieve it, but at a high cost.

Ventriloquist  No comments yet

To dream of a ventriloquist is an indication that someone around you is being less than honest with you. They are hiding a secret from you.

To dream that you are a ventriloquist is an indication that you are treating those that trust you badly. You are lying to them and hiding things from them.

Water Carrier  No comments yet

The water carrier is a symbol of great bounty. A large fortune or true love is in your future. If you are carrying the water, you will soon rise above your station. Great reward will soon be yours.

Philanthropist  No comments yet

To dream that you are a philanthropist indicates your care for your fellow men. It refers to your social conscience and generosity of spirit.

Native American  No comments yet

To dream of a Native American symbolizes the primitive and wild aspect of your personality. This represents a yearning to break free from cultural and societal barriers.

Jekyll and Hyde  No comments yet

To dream of Jekyll and Hyde indicates that you are ambivalent over an important situation in your waking life.

To dream of becoming overwhelmed by a dangerous aspect of your personality suggests that if you were to release your dangerous side, your life could spin out of control.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde appearing in a dream are strong reminders of the need to release emotion before it explodes. Finding someone to talk to may be important at this time.