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Manicure  No comments yet

To dream that you are getting a manicure symbolizes fascination and allure. You want to be noticed and praised for a task that you have completed. Perhaps you are trying to communicate your creativity via some project you are undertaking.

Mantilla  No comments yet

To dream of a mantilla indicates that you will embark on an unscrupulous or negative endeavor and suffer disgrace and humiliation as a result.

Mannequin  No comments yet

To dream of a mannequin implies that you are being too passive about some issue in your life. It is a symbol of your personality or some characteristic. Pay attention to what the mannequin is wearing to search for meaning. Perhaps you are avoiding something that you need to say or do.

Manta Ray  No comments yet

In a dream, the manta ray symbolizes a deep connection to the subconscious. The manta ray lives near the bottom of the ocean, hiding itself in the sand. If a manta ray reveals itself to you in a dream, you are being exposed to a hidden secret within your mind. The manta ray is graceful and effortlessly glides through your subconscious. The manta ray makes an excellent guide to knowing yourself better.

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To dream of a traditional medicine man implies that you have many people in your life who can offer you comfort, security, and guidance. They will assist you in your pursuit to achieve your goals.