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To dream of zip codes suggests that you are not connecting with messages that are trying to get through to you. This is due to stress. This also suggests that you may need to start a meditation routine.

Dreaming of a specific zip code implies an urgent request from your unconscious to calm your mind and mental state.

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*Please see Church.

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To dream that you are in a dormitory suggests the level to which you consider wisdom and education in your life. You could feel that you learn in every aspect of life. If you are residing in a dormitory at present, then you may simply be dreaming about your current situation.

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To dream of imminent foreclosure on your home implies that your personal worth may have been neglected and it is time to address your own need for peace and happiness.

Dreaming of foreclosure on your business indicates a lack of truth in your career decisions and suggests that you should consider another career that brings you joy.

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To dream that you live in a trailer home suggests that you feel unimportant and worthless. On one hand, it may mean that you can take on any challenge and are able to adapt to any situation or circumstance that you are hurled into.