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To dream that you must defend your home, possessions, or loved ones shows that you may be feeling under attack in your waking life. There could be a question of honor that needs to be addressed.

To dream that another person is defensive toward you is an indication that you may be enduring an untrustworthy connection with someone. The message from your unconscious is to have faith in your intuition as it is most likely correct.

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To dream of being a banker means that you may soon be asked a question in regards to another's financial endeavor. They will be listening to your advice seriously so be humble and certain before you answer. To dream that you are handing your money over to a banker suggests that you have a high level of trust in somebody at the moment and that they will likely do the right thing by you but sometimes a written contract may be necessary to ensure security.

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To dream of a hostel means it's expressing your feeling of desire for a community or social atmosphere. You may be yearning for vacation and travel while not minding what sacrifices will need to be made to achieve adventure and exploration.

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To dream of an idle janitor implies drawbacks in your business dealings.
To see a busy janitor means good news in the future.

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To dream that you are in a village is indicative of the boundaries placed on your waking life. It may also indicate that while you maintain balance and harmony in your life, your pursuits and interests are unsophisticated and unrefined. The village has long represented tradition and the simple way of life.

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To dream about your old address, you may have to assimilate your past. If your dream is about a new address, you may need to make a change.

To dream that you're writing an address on an envelope, you may have to investigate some new opportunities. Before deciding on action, analyze your options with care.

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To meet a realtor in a dream represents a focus on yourself and your relationships.
To consider many houses in a dream may symbolize many potential mates, or potential paths in life.
To dream of a realtor who sells your house indicates that you desire a break with your past.

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To dream of your landlord represents your controlling nature. It corresponds with your objective and dependable personality. Perhaps there is a need for better control and management on a particular aspect of your character.

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To dream that you are in front of an audience indicates that your thoughts and behavior are being closely scrutinized. It may also represent anxieties and apprehensions that you hold about displaying your innermost emotions to others.

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To dream that you hold a mortgage symbolizes the methods and abilities you use to achieve goals and accomplish objectives.