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To dream of sleeping in an igloo indicates a need for emotional protection and suggests a pained heart. Igloos also imply a release of raw emotion after an emotional trauma. Trust that a release is beneficial at this time, as the result is revelation of a warm and loving heart.

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Dreaming about a traditional adobe building symbolizes a natural approach to living. It may also indicate a desire for adventure and travel to ancient places.
If you dream about Adobe software, it symbolizes an inability to let go of insignificant details and to enjoy life. Go outside, look up at the sky and breathe in the fresh air.

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To dream that your family is happy and content represents balance and peace. If they are sad, this warns of upsetting news coming your way.

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To dream you are in prison denotes you are being denied freedom to express yourself.

To dream someone else is in prison suggests your lack of ability to express yourself in a particular aspect of your life.

To dream that you or someone is released from prison signifies your moving past your troubles and making a new life for yourself. Your dream conveys optimism, particularly in overcoming your adversities.

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To dream that you are at an asylum foretells misfortune and disappointment. Your emotional health will be affected in a negative way.

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To dream about a bakery is a sign of affluence and achievement, as well as very prosperous days to come.

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To dream of a castle indicates that you will receive appreciation, admiration, and credit from your peers for a job well done. You will be showered with great joy and bliss and endowed with a large circle of close friends and family. You will enjoy prosperity and an elevated social status.

To dream that you live in a castle represents your desire for solace and safety. Be careful that you don't distance yourself from those who love and care for you.

To dream of standing outside a castle indicates the awakening of a powerful source of wisdom within you at this time. To dream of standing inside a castle suggests there may be a visit or connection with an authority figure. Be sure to listen to any advice given as this may lead to the unlocking of powerful energy and information leading you to fulfillment.

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To dream of the outside of a church represents your morals and ethics that you deem to be revered and blessed. It implies that you are seeking inner peace and spirituality.

To dream that you are in a church indicates your need for encouragement and direction. You are looking for someone to help you transition into a happier place. It is possible that you have strayed from your intended path as a result of moral wrongs or deceptions that you have committed. It may also imply that you are doubting choices you have made in life. Perhaps you should approach your goals in an alternative method.

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To dream of a harbor describes the human as a ship that is lost at sea and looking for shelter and relaxation. You are seeking a place to gather yourself and brace for all the challenges ahead.

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To dream of a kennel indicates a fear of 'not pleasing your master.' Someone may have unreasonable control over your behavior.

To dream of sleeping in a kennel or looking out of a kennel suggests a need to be more personally responsible and accountable for your actions in your waking life.

To send an animal or a person to the kennel suggests you may have been too judgmental in a recent situation.