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To dream about an agreement symbolizes the solution to a predicament or dilemma. It means that your subconscious mind is operating hand-in-hand with your conscious mind.

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To dream about an evergreen represents prosperity, joy, longevity, and wisdom. It can also indicate that you will uncover faith when things seem bleak.

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To dream of being surrounded by malachite indicates a high level of spiritual protection based on strong heart energy. Finding a piece of malachite or imagining the color green when you are feeling low or in need may be helpful for you.

Holding a small piece of Malachite in a dream may be a reminder to watch that your diet is low in acidic foods like meat and coffee.

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To dream of acceptance could reveal issues of self-esteem and whether you're living up to the assumptions of others. During a dream in which you're awake, you may seek favorable reception from others.

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To dream of a watermelon symbolizes your inner passion. You attack life with a furious passion. You love greatly, desire deeply, and lust for life of things around you. Pregnant or menstruating women often dream of the watermelon, or other such large fruits. Alternatively, the watermelon is a symbol for fun summer times. You are relaxed and at ease.

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If you dream of a bloodstone, consider what it means to you personally. For instance, does someone you know wear a piece of bloodstone jewelry? Or maybe you encountered a bloodstone on a trip somewhere. If a bloodstone means something to you or reminds you of something, your subconscious is simply trying to awaken memories of that instance or person. If bloodstones do not have any meaning to you, then they suggest uncovering the truth or exploring nature.

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To dream about a glass house represents that an abundance of compliments will harm you.

To dream that you are living in a glass house suggests that your good name is under assault. This dream could also indicate that someone is keeping a close eye on you.

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Dreaming of a bell pepper is your subconscious mind telling you to add a little bit of spice into your life. Your mind is instructing you to add a bit of flair and variety to your waking life. Furthermore, if the bell pepper is paired with an object or being held by a person, consider spicing up your relationship, or actions with the object or person. For instance, if a bell pepper appears on a book, your subconscious mind is telling you to mix up your reading habits by reading a book that is totally new and fresh to you.
If the bell pepper is being held or prepared by your significant other, it is hinting you to spice up your romantic life or try something special for that person.

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A dream about Adam and Eve holds a particularly strong religious symbolism for many, but in general, their presence within our dreams symbolizes the beginning of something of great significance to the dreamer.
It may also indicate deception, or a feeling of being caught out, exposed or punished in waking life.

Praying Mantis  No comments yet

To dream of a praying mantis suggests that you are currently in a critical relationship. The dream likewise portrays your intent to victimize other people or exhibit a destructive behavior.