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To dream that you have been shot indicates that you are not holding a very high opinion of yourself. You may have committed an act that causes you humiliation and disgrace. If you are shot and come back as a different person, then it suggests that you need to take a new approach or develop a new outlook. You have a desire to change your ways and transform into someone entirely different.

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Dreams of throwing punches or fighting are a representation of inner turmoil. To be getting punched within a dream without defending yourself indicates that you are in search of inner peace.
If you tried to protect yourself in a dream and still got punched, it means that you are scared of losing.

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To dream that you see a net represents feelings of being trapped in a complicated and sticky situation.

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To dream about wax in a prominent way is an indication that your waking life is simply too busy. You should stop and smell the roses. Conversely, it is an indication that time has passed between events.

If the wax is dripping indicates that you are hiding your true passionate self. Open up to those closest to you.

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To dream of yourself winning represents success and triumph. It implies a great deal of self-confidence and inner belief. Any recent waking life doubts have diminished.

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To dream of a bug represents an issue that is causing you apprehension. It refers to feelings of unease and concern. It also suggests that you are intense and serious about a new pursuit or leisure activity. In addition, the bug can symbolize fantasies and desires relating to sex.

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*Please See Police.

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To vex or be vexed in a dream symbolizes conflict. You are likely struggling with problems that are causing you such great stress that you are unable to relax while you are asleep.

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To dream of a leak symbolizes great loss and misery. You are busy with unproductive endeavors. Then again, dreaming of a leak may suggest the presence of subdued feelings rising from your unconscious.

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To dream that you are playing or watching golf indicates satisfying extravagances. It could also suggest that you are not using your time properly. This dream could also represent your achievements and the motivation you have to be successful.

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To dream of a gala is an indication that an aspect of your waking life holds the key to success and celebration. To be invited to a gala signals good news that you have already heard but not registered. To dream of organizing a gala event suggests you have come up with a winning idea and would do well to follow through at this time.

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A heavy load in a dream represents doubt or stress in your life. To load a truck in your dream symbolizes an increasing weight of worry or responsibility which is causing you to move more slowly and may be holding you back from achieving your goals.