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To dream of a race car is a representation of your working nature and stubbornness. It may further represent how competitive you are and how strongly you feel the urge to win. The race car may also be a symbol for ethnicity and how you view it.

To dream that you are driving a race car is an indication that you live your life in the fast lane. You need to learn to slow down before your fast paced life puts your health at risk.

To dream of racetracks is another representation of your fast paced life. You are always trying to get ahead. Conversely, it may be a metaphor for the way you feel about your life. If you feel you are not making progress, but merely 'going around in circles,' the racetrack dream may be a common occurrence for you.

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To dream of a cardinal symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and bliss. It can also indicate that you will win an award or excel over your peers in an event or situation.

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To dream that you are at the carnival signifies deceit and misrepresentation. If you are watching 'freak shows' then you have a lack of peace and fulfillment within your home life. Sadness will be coming to parts of your life that were once happy and content.

To dream about being on a carnival ride indicates that you are traveling in loops. It could also represent simple enjoyment; the kind that leave no lasting impression.

To dream that you have run away with a carnival represents that you will have close ties or will be involved with the entertainment industry in some manner.

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To dream of an old-fashioned carriage is a warning that others may try to damage your reputation with slanderous rumors. They may also be spreading lies about others. Verify any information before accepting it as the truth.

To dream that you are riding in a carriage may mean that you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation. Someone from your past may appear and cause you distress.

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To dream that you are joyfully riding a carousel may suggest a childlike sense of joy and confidence in your parent's approval of your life choices.
To dream that you are on a carousel and unable stop or slow down so that you may dismount indicates disillusionment about the cycle of life and your place within it. Alternatively, you may be experiencing a lack of control and boredom at the repetitive nature of your waking life.

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To dream that you are out caroling suggests desire for the company of like-minded people and the excitement of festivity. To dream that carolers are singing outside your door implies that you may be the type of person that has the fortitude to bring joy into your life even when times are not so great. Alternatively there is a simple message of reverence, gratitude and deepening spirituality.

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To dream of a car wash indicates a complete physical makeover. It may be time in your waking life to address some nagging issues like going to the dentist for example. Driving through a car wash implies a release of old ideas and a bright new perspective. A car wash is a good omen indicating that you have what it takes to make some fundamental and positive changes.

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To dream of carnations indicates that you have a very laid-back and relaxed personality. You exude pleasure and elation. It can also imply your enjoyment of being single.

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To dream about being a carpenter suggests that you are dealing with difficulties. On the contrary, it also indicates that you should alter your way of thinking or change the way you behave.

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To dream of a cable car is alerting you to a precarious situation in your waking life. A cable car in a dream suggests a risk taken and a sense of anxiety as you await the outcome.
Dreaming of being alone in the cable car can mean that you were unconsciously secure in a recent decision.
Dreaming of a cable car full of people indicates the need for support whilst you await some important news.
A moving cable car in your dream implies that things will turn out okay and that there is little need for anxiety at all.