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To dream about you or another person buying an item signifies your acquiescence to some concept or circumstance. Look up the particular item for more detail.

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To dream about alcohol in average consumption means that you are pleased with choices you've made.

To dream about drinking excessive quantities of alcohol, you may feel remorse or insufficient. You feel like a fraud and will be revealed as such. Alcohol is a means to hide from a previous poor choice or act.

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To dream of drinking rum symbolizes you as a hedonist and 'nouveau riche' or newly rich but lacking in social graces. You will go about every day of your life without concern, as long as you can go on with your self-indulgent ways.

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To dream about being in a bar represents your wish for deliverance from day-to-day anxiety and a need to move toward enjoyable activities. It also indicates that you are seeking approval for something.

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To dream of malted drinks represents an exciting but perilous relationship. This could harm yourself and others.

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To dream about a toddy indicates that something provocative is about to happen that will change how you live.

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*Please See Cream.

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Drinking brandy in a dream means you are thinking deep and seriously about something if you are drinking alone. If you are drinking brandy with someone else, it means need for bonding and fun conversation. Brandy also symbolizes taking time to mull things over, thus your subconscious mind may be suggesting you do just that.

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To dream of bottles of whiskey indicates your self-alertness and protective/careful nature. To see yourself drinking whiskey indicates you can be selfish. Conversely, it may imply a lack of confidence in yourself. Consider what responsibilities you may be avoiding in your waking life.

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To dream of having a hangover indicates self-delusion in your waking life. Too much may be happening at once leaving you feeling overwhelmed. It suggests that you may be overdoing something, possibly working too hard to avoid facing the realities in your home or emotional life. A hangover in a dream suggests that some time away from your current work commitments may be beneficial at this time.

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Dreaming of a bartender suggests that you may find yourself in a confusing situation due to relying too heavily on another's unfounded opinion. There is a message here to beware of people who 'sure talk' and seem as though they know more than they actually do.

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To dream of a liquor store symbolizes a feeling of temptation. You may be surrounded by friends or family who are tempting you to act against your own judgment. You may feel overwhelmed by the vast possibility of poor choices around you.
Alternatively you may be excited by the idea of acting outside the norm.