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Water Balloon  No comments yet

A water balloon in a dream represents built up potential.
To hit someone with a water balloon in a dream represent unleashed emotion. To be hit by a water balloon in a dream indicates that others may be holding back their true feelings toward you.

Bungee Jumping  No comments yet

To dream about bungee jumping means that you are able to rebound from disappointments and defeats. It is vital to realize that you were willing to gamble in the first place.

Queen of Hearts  No comments yet

To dream of the queen of hearts indicates either the opportunity to meet your mate and fall in love, or to renew a love that may have been flagging through unawareness and inattentiveness.

There is a sense of trepidation if the queen of hearts appears in a dream, as though yielding to love is a great risk. The message is to yield anyway and open up to a realm of possibility only previously imagined.

Crossword Puzzle  No comments yet

To dream of a crossword puzzle indicates that you are currently dealing with a mental test; perhaps you have to meticulously analyze options and come up with the best solution for an issue. The dream may be a retort on 'cross words' intended for you or aimed towards another person.