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Pushpins  No comments yet

To dream of pushpins suggests the need to open your eyes. You may be looking far beyond the reaches of your vision and thus miss out on opportunities right before your eyes.

Crickets  No comments yet

To dream of crickets symbolizes self-discovery and reflection. You are looking for advice and direction. To hear crickets in your dream indicates that small issues are causing you distress and frustration.

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To dream of the Olympics shows that you are viewing an aspect of your waking life as a competition. Your whole life may be influenced by an underlying urge to make everything you attempt a competition.

Your unconscious may be telling you that it is time to relieve yourself of this emotional attachment to competition, as this isn't making you very happy.

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To dream of playing kickball indicates a playful attitude toward your work. You feel a strong connection to your coworkers and have confidence that if you act as a team, you will accomplish your goals.

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In a dream, a marathon refers to your race through life. This journey may be a struggle or it might be an inspiration for you. You may feel like a champion in your dream because you are looking forward to winning a promotion at work or completing a big project. It symbolizes your fight to achieve your goals.

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To dream of a dartboard suggests that you are angry with someone. You should find a way to express these negative feelings in a more pertinent manner. The dartboard could also represent some hope or aspiration you have. You should make an attempt at understanding this dream as it will help you conquer your concerns about a lack of success.

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To dream that you are in Las Vegas signifies luxury and gluttony. You need to show some better control at some aspect in your life, especially those relating to earthly concerns and desires. Alternatively, it suggests that emotional problems and concerns will affect how you perceive things in life.

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To dream of a partridge represents autonomy and leadership capabilities. On the other hand, it may also symbolize deceit and enticement.

Surfboard  No comments yet

To dream of seeing or riding a surfboard implies that you are following the crowd and not concerned with causing disruptions or conflict. You are content with just seeing where life takes you. You should be more assertive and decisive in your life choices.

Washboard  No comments yet

The washboard is symbolic of embarrassment. Some event in your waking life has caused you great distress and embarrassment. Because of this, you are exhausted, physically and emotionally. If the washboard itself is broken, your life, once viewed as so exciting, has become too much for you, too fast. It has brought you nothing but disgrace. You need to slow down.