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To dream that you are hunting, shooting, or killing game symbolizes the 'game of life.' This dream may also signify that you are capable of keeping your innate instincts under control.

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To dream that you are playing games represents your competitive nature and tranquility. It could also refer to the regulations you set for yourself.

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To dream of being a contestant on a game show may symbolize a petty disagreement with someone in your waking life. A game show on television speaks of an opportunity to see an argument from a different perspective, bringing light to the situation. You may have to release your feelings of pride so as to resolve this disagreement. Dreaming of a game show is suggesting that you may not have been entirely correct in your original judgment.

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Dreaming of a boardwalk that is entertaining, maybe with lots of vendors and carnival games, symbolizes a search for fun, fresh air and free time.
Dreaming of a boardwalk that is long or never ending symbolizes a distant journey ahead from which you cannot escape. For instance, choosing to buy a home and having a baby are two big decisions in life that require commitment and responsibility.

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To dream that you are playing a video game is an indication that you have the singular ability to make those around you do things for you, even if they do not wish to. Conversely, it may mean that there is a problem or situation in your waking life that you are attempting to avoid. You may be looking for a way out. It may be interesting to note the type of game you are playing. Does it have any special meaning?

To dream that you are a character within a video game indicates your belief that someone in your waking life is pulling your strings. Because of this, you feel out of control.

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To dream of an Ouija board bodes of failure in a relationship or state of affairs. It may also indicate successive disappointment in what you have planned.

Dreaming of a non-functioning Ouija board embodies difficulties caused by prioritizing pleasures over work and goals.

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Playing a board game in a dream represents competition and its role as a driving factor in your life. Pay attention to your mood and strategy, they will both tell you a lot about your approach to situations. Playing a card game is widely equated to how you are dealing with "the cards you've been dealt". In this situation, take into account whether you are winning or losing and how you feel while playing.

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To dream about seeing or riding a boogie board means that you are coasting through tribulations and taking life one step at a time.

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Dreaming of a boarding house symbolizes that you either feel unloved or like you are not special as in being just another face in a crowd in waking life. This feeling is manifested in the form of a boarding house, where all individuals are treated equally and generally not very luxuriously, therefore it lacks personal care and attention.

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Dreaming that you are away at a boarding school suggests that you're fearful of getting shunned because of your malicious intention or behavior. Your subconscious mind is worried about the repercussions of misbehavior.

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Placing a bet or betting in a dream means the decision you have made recently has an unfavorable outcome. This dream in general is a warning telling you to be more careful about situation you're having and avoid coming into quick conclusion.

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To dream of a play suggests the role you want to play in real life.

To dream you are playing indicates an inclination to break social taboos. Your creativity knows no barriers.

Alternatively, it may suggest too much focus on work.

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To dream that you are playing polo symbolizes the lives of the rich and famous. It indicates aristocracy - a sense of pride at being male in a male-dominated world.

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To dream of toys signifies simple joys, domestic bliss, and harmonious living conditions. You may be looking for the all these things from your own home. This also represents your free-spirited attitude and childish ways.

To see others playing with toys foretells a successful and happy union.

To dream that you are giving away toys implies that you will not be acknowledged for your good works.

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To dream about a ball represents symmetry and fullness. You may need to pay more attention to your inner youth.

To dream about watching a ball game suggests that you should accept more self-motivation. This could be a result of your introverted nature that you must overcome. Your self-image could be low.

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To dream about dice suggests that you have encountered bad luck with the stock market and could endure subsequent tough times. The dice symbolize luck and destiny.

To dream that your lover is throwing dice suggests that they are undeserving of you.

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To dream that you are playing or watching golf indicates satisfying extravagances. It could also suggest that you are not using your time properly. This dream could also represent your achievements and the motivation you have to be successful.

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To dream of a jury indicates a sense of being scrutinized by other people. You get the feeling of being under a lens as though others are judging and watching your every move.

To dream that you are part of a jury symbolizes your tendency to judge others.

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To dream of a bass fish is a call to patience. Biding your time and facing up to something with renewed clarity is appropriate at this time. To dream that you are swimming with bass indicates that you are being quite clear and patient at this time so not to get frustrated and simply keep on with the current approach.

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A Lego in a dream represents a building block toward some goal. You may be working to build a career or to put together clues to solve a problem.