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To dream of an eight-ball suggests a fear of being left behind or a sense of deep inadequacy. An eight-ball indicates a feeling of inferiority and reminds you to seek out and enhance your strong qualities. This will allow you to contribute to a current situation in your waking life.

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Playing the Air Hockey table game in a dream is symbolic of your good old childhood experiences or memories.
Alternatively, it means an ongoing debate or disagreement with someone you know very well. If this has been going on back and forth for quite some time, now is the good time to be the bigger person and resolve it.

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A beach ball in your dream is an indication that you're lacking fun and excitement in your waking life. A beach ball generally signifies the sun and water at the beach or the pool which as a whole represents your desire to let go and take some time off to enjoy your life more.
A beach ball may also be a sign that you're lacking interaction with people on the topic that gives you joy and pleasure.

Barbed Wire  No comments yet

To dream about barbed wire signifies barriers. You may have a hard time expressing yourself.

To dream that you are trapped in barbed wire means that you feel hemmed in and confined in some way.

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To dream that you are walking on scaffolding indicates that you are nervous about a high position you have obtained or would like to obtain in life. It may seem like the life you have built for yourself is a precarious network of luck and lies.
To feel light and free standing on high scaffolding indicates that you are comfortable living on the edge and moving ahead in whatever direction life leads you.

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To be in a video store in a dream represents a collection of your life's memories.
To search for a particular video in a store symbolizes a need to reconnect with an old memory in order to overcome past pains.

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Dreaming of bodysurfing is a strong symbol of going with the flow. It represents letting the waves take you where they may and letting the chips fall where they may. Dreaming of bodysurfing is your subconscious mind indicating that you shouldn't try to alter or interfere but rather just let things go or happen naturally.

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To dream that you are riding a magic carpet implies that you have managed to resolve difficult issues and solve problems that you thought were impossible. You have been able to achieve more than you originally thought.

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To dream that somebody is snowboarding implies that you have been able to face your anxieties and develop your potential.

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To dream of a checkerboard implies that your character consists of many different and perhaps, complicated levels or attributes. You are a very complex and interesting person.