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To dream of a toy box symbolizes growing up. You are moving forward and leaving childish ways behind. Alternatively, the dream may bring to mind childhood traumatic experiences and bitter encounters that keep pulling you back.

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To dream that you are an athlete represents your ability to reach a goal which you had deemed nearly unattainable. You have expended incredible amounts of energy in order to reach this success.

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To dream of bowling represents the aspects within your life that you are hitting or missing, e.g. strikes, gutter balls, etc. If you dream of bowling a poor game, you may have remorse. If you are bowling strikes, then you are moving toward success in your life. This dream could also represent your exceptional abilities or wonderful performance.

To dream that you throw a gutter ball could indicate that you are trapped in a dead end aspect of your life. You need to adjust your current path.

Bowling and bowling alleys could indicate sexual triumph. The pin deck symbolizes the feminine reproductive aspects, as with any dark cave or container, and pins represent masculine tokens.

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To dream that you are drawing could indicate your natural instincts for creativity and art.

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To dream of the lottery indicates a dependence on destiny. You are passive in taking accountability and thus believe that your efforts are useless since fate rules your waking life. You should evaluate and consider all angles of a situation before committing to an endeavor.

To win the lottery symbolizes your fervent wish to live a prosperous and worry-free life.

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To dream of playing Mahjong implies your honor may be in question.

Mahjong in a dream may be a reminder to examine your philosophy on life so you feel more secure in a current conflict. Strategy and skill may be a strong point in your personality, but will be less helpful if not supported by emotional truth.

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To dream of hitting the jackpot is an indication of a wonderful idea burgeoning within your unconscious mind. To dream of lights flashing and coins flowing onto the floor suggests that you have all the ingredients necessary to create an abundant and enjoyable life. To dream of a casino or gambling hall filled with the sound of other people's jackpots going off implies an underlying fear of lack even though your life may be rich with abundance.

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To dream that you are gambling indicates that you are being risky. You could be avoiding responsibility by placing your hopes in fate or luck.

If you are not a gambler, then this suggests that you should trust your destiny and take a chance. Ease up.

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To dream of playing ninepins denotes wasting energy over foolish acts and letting go of opportunities. It also warns you to choose your friends with extreme caution.

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To dream of an opponent suggests inconsistencies about a certain angle of your personality.