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To dream that you are playing a sport represents your ability to accept regulations of society. It also represents your skills, aptitudes, and the ability to attain your objectives. It may also reflect your feelings about a rough sexual encounter.

To dream that you are watching a sports competition indicates that you are confronted with contradicting perspectives and rival thoughts.

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To dream about playing tennis foretells that new developments are on the horizon and that you need to act forcefully. You might perceive that you must repeatedly assert yourself. However, you might be incapable of taking charge. You are vacillating between the two extremes.

Also, since a tennis term is 'love,' the game could represent amorous feelings or behavior.

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To dream of crawling vermin is an indication that you will soon experience illness or other significant trouble in your waking life. Your path may be littered with barriers and you may struggle to reach your goals.

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To dream that you are at a casino represents the person inside you that readily takes chances. If you are a more restrained individual, this dream could suggest that you need to accept more risks. If you are outgoing, you could be required to make a reasoned decision rather than accepting chance or destiny.

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To dream of a harbor describes the human as a ship that is lost at sea and looking for shelter and relaxation. You are seeking a place to gather yourself and brace for all the challenges ahead.

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Hockey is a very competitive and challenging game. The act of wearing protective gear and playing defense reflects achievement and the need to protect yourself and your goals.

To dream about hockey while being chased in the middle of the game refers to all the hardships encountered in pursuit of your goals.

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To dream of lumber suggests the need to start anew and realign priorities in your life. You might have to start with a clean slate and rebuild a better path for yourself.

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To dream of playing quoits represents your focus upon your goals. Take a long sight and aim true to find success.

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To dream of a pinball machine indicates that your impending victory are the fruits of your fortitude, control, and precision. Your dream is trying to tell you that no situation is too problematic or difficult if you start things right by breaking it down to manageable portions.

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To dream of a rooster represents showing off by either you or someone else. The rooster in your dream may also signify conceit, arrogance, and disregard for other feelings.

To hear of a crowing rooster symbolizes self-importance and boastfulness.

To witness a cockfight means disagreement and rivalry.