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Killer Whale  No comments yet

A killer whale in a dream represents spiritual guidance. The killer whale is a dangerous animal which in a dream represents a part of your psyche which has great power but which must be followed carefully.

Aurora Borealis  No comments yet

The appearance of the aurora borealis in a dream symbolizes an uplifting of the spirit and feelings of affection and passion.

Abraham Lincoln  No comments yet

Dreams involving Abraham Lincoln, an iconic historical figure, may indicate that you are thinking about your own past or place in history. This could include your place and roles within your immediate everyday world, or your significance in the world in a broader sense.
Alternatively, it may indicate a strong desire to bring about change, as Lincoln himself did.

African American  No comments yet

To dream about seeing an African-American symbolizes your ancestry and culture. It is a sign that you should explore your soul, and that it's time for you to be more artistic and imaginative.

Bird of Paradise  No comments yet

Dreaming of a bird of paradise plant represents quirkiness with excitement. This quirky excitement may be random and unexpected.
Dreaming of the bird type, bird of paradise, also symbolizes an unusual persona and/or appearance in waking life. You may feel unconventional and out of ordinary, even though you may not have admitted this to yourself yet.