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To dream of a seance symbolizes your instincts and consciousness. It implies that you must investigate something more thoroughly. It is necessary for you to observe the world rather than focusing on minute details. You may yearn to discover spiritual awareness.

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To dream that you have a lack or absence of soul implies that you need to be more in touch with your inner personality. You will feel more complete once you are able to accomplish this.

To dream that your soul is leaving your body indicates that you feel ashamed of yourself. Perhaps you have conceded your morals and ideals. You may be distancing yourself from others. Make a slight alteration to some aspect in your life and you will feel revitalized and complete.

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To dream that you are talking to an unknown spirit implies that you are being manipulated or taken advantage of by someone close to you.

Generally, if the spirit is known and welcomed, it represents success and prosperity in your occupation.