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To dream of your skin implies that you are trying to conceal some aspect of yourself from others. It represents the walls you erect to protect yourself from emotional harm. It may also mean that you concern yourself with trivial matters rather than try to search for something more important.

To dream that your skin is covered with rashes or other skin deformity indicates that you refuse to accept the truth. It may also suggest that you need to think carefully before coming to a conclusion.

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To dream of a skull indicates that you may be facing a perilous situation, an immoral issue, or unfortunate demise of someone you know. It can also symbolize emotional mysteries. Perhaps you are concealing something from others.

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To dream of your own stomach implies that you will be facing transformations and alterations. Perhaps you are reluctant for these transformations to occur. It may also reflect your feelings of distaste towards someone or something. The stomach is normally associated with our feelings.

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To dream that your teeth are decayed or rotting foreshadows a threat to your health or your business relationships. Consider who you may have spoken poorly to, as this conversation may prove to be your downfall.

To dream that you are brushing your teeth is indicative of your poor self-image. You struggle with confidence and aggression. Until you resolve this, you will see little success.

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In a dream, the teeth symbolize our connection to society. Our smiles are what make first impressions with our friends, coworkers and strangers. To have teeth which are dirty, stained, cracked or broken in a dream represent problems making connections with people. You may be worried that the people you meet do not truly know you, are getting the wrong impression, or can only see you for your flaws.

Your teeth in a dream may also represent your ability to care for yourself. Brushing our teeth is a daily task which shows the respect we have for ourselves and the care that we take in public presentation. A dream in which you brush your teeth indicates that you might need to take control of yourself, your public image or your situation and gain confidence. A dream in which your teeth are falling out symbolizes an inability to care for the small responsibilities you have while you are awake. You might be worried that you cannot handle many tasks which have accumulated at work or at home.

Dreams about teeth also very commonly occur when you are having tooth or mouth pain in reality. You may already have noticed a pain while you are awake, and this pain has continued while you are asleep and had a strong influence over your dreams. If you have not noticed a pain while you are awake, you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep, causing some discomfort. A dream in which you hear loud grinding industrial noises might be a result of this problem.

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To dream about a thigh symbolizes strength and staying power. It represents your capacity to achieve.

To dream about appreciating a thigh shows that you have an audacious side, but that you should beware of what you do.

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To dream of your throat represents your talents in relaying your beliefs to others.

To dream about having a sore throat indicates that you are not being articulate. You might be afraid to speak. More literally, it could mean that you should 'swallow your pride.'

To admire a slender, attractive throat in a dream signals some improvement in your lot in life.

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To dream about a thumb tells you that you must 'get a grip' on life. It represents strength and talent.

To dream about not having thumbs symbolizes being poor and friendless.

A dream in which you have a huge thumb foretells a quick succession of accomplishments.

To dream about a lengthy nail on your thumb means that you are yielding to the temptation of immoral things.

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To dream about toes symbolizes how you march through daily existence - maybe with assurance and confidence, maybe without. It also represents the avenues you are taking. On the other hand, toes can signify fine points of living and the way you handle them.

To dream about your toenails growing represents an expansion of your comprehension of some matter.

To dream that a toe is lost, or that a new one grows, indicates a lack of the perseverance needed to forge ahead in some matter.

To dream about an injured toe, or a toe with a corn or bruise, means that you are concerned about continuing with some effort.

To dream that a person is kissing your toe is a symbol of comfort and encouragement. That person wants you to succeed.

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To dream of seeing your tongue indicates that you need to be more outgoing.

A dream in which your tongue is afflicted shows that you've engaged in too much meaningless chatter.

A dream in which you see another person's tongue has carnal implications. The tongue can mean a sex act or penis.

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To dream about your tonsils indicates that it's time to reveal something.

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A dream in which you are toothless indicates your failure to succeed. You might face sadness and illness.

To dream that others are toothless means that enemies are trying to damage your reputation. They will not succeed.

To dream about losing a tooth represents man's innermost worries - death, age, weakness, destitution, and loneliness.

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To dream of an umbilical cord signifies your own need for uniqueness. You might be articulating some sort of concern about being by yourself and being able to support yourself. If you dream that you are cutting the umbilical cord, it represents that you need to be more independent and stand out on your own. You need to pull yourself up and get back to normalcy.

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To dream of a unibrow indicates an unusual connection may soon be made in your waking life. Note the person sporting this interesting look as this will give you clues as to who you may need to pay attention to in the future.

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To dream of your own uterus may refer to childbirth or to creative energy.
To dream of your uterus while you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant indicates that you have strong emotions such as anxiety or excitement about your upcoming child.
To dream of a uterus as a man, likely represents your desire to nurture an idea or to become a father.

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To see your own vein in a dream is an indication that you have built protective defenses for protection against those who would belittle and slander you.

To dream that you are bleeding from your veins foreshadows a great sadness in your future. You can escape from the sorrow that is coming your way.

To dream that you have swollen or bulging veins indicates that you often trust those around you before they have proven their worth.

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To dream of an ample or plump waist represents a life filled with pleasurable endeavors. You experience the comforts of money and the joys of good friends.

A thin waist represents a successful life in business. Whatever educational or business endeavors you pursue will see great fortune.

An overly thin waist implies the opposite. Your business affairs and educational pursuits produce naught.

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To dream of your wrist is a representation of your innate ability to bring excitement and fun to a project while remaining productive. You have the rare ability to get the attention of those around you and to involve them in whatever you are working on.