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A dream in which someone yearns for you foreshadows a marriage proposal in your near future. A dream in which you yearn for another foreshadows a feeling of contentment and joy with your current love.

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To dream that you are underwater represents that you are overcome with emotions and need greater organization in your life. You may even be over your head in some circumstances.

To dream that you are breathing underwater signifies a withdrawal back into the womb. You yearn for a chance to return to a position where you were liberated from responsibilities. Maybe you were feeling unable to provide for your own needs and caring about yourself. You may even be inundated in your own sentiments.

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A headline in a dream is an important message. The headline may be an issue in your life which has not been given due attention.
To dream of making the headlines indicates that you yearn to be noticed and recognized for your achievements.

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To dream of a seance symbolizes your instincts and consciousness. It implies that you must investigate something more thoroughly. It is necessary for you to observe the world rather than focusing on minute details. You may yearn to discover spiritual awareness.

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