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A dream in which you are abused can foretell some chicanery on the part of a rival. A dream in which you abuse someone signals trouble with a friend.

People who have actually experienced abuse are more likely to dream about it.

Nuts  No comments yet

To dream of nuts symbolizes foolishness and bewilderment. It also suggests the presence of someone going 'nuts' or a person who drives you crazy. This may be a representation of oversights you have made, and corresponding alternative solutions. Dreaming of nuts may be likened to testicles, hence suggesting a form of sexual intimation.

To dream that you are eating nuts stands for prosperity and achievement. This may also be a manifestation of an attempt to get to the bottom of a circumstance.

Crackers  No comments yet

To dream of eating a cracker implies that you ensure that those around you are taken care of before you turn your attention to your own requirements. Because of this attitude, your own life lacks personal satisfaction. It's also possible that you are attempting to discover some hidden mystery that someone is concealing.

Crime  No comments yet

To dream that you or someone else commits a crime implies that you regret an action you have performed or you are feeling embarrassment. You are prohibiting your inner spirit to develop.

Cuckoo  No comments yet

To dream of a cuckoo symbolizes timing and destiny. You might have to redirect your strategy or modify your approach in how you conduct some state of affairs. On the other hand, there may be a person in your waking life whose presence is uninvited. The dream may also be a symbol for someone who is behaving madly.

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To dream that someone or something is evil suggests that there is a dark and disguised part of yourself. This aspect could be desiring release or recognition. On the other end, evil can indicate the hostile and powerful feelings that you hold.

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To dream of being injured implies a need to initiate the healing process for old wounds. You might have to relax a bit and approach your situation with a clear mind.

Hellhound  No comments yet

To dream of a hellhound indicates that danger is ahead. If the hellhound is guarding something, stay away from whatever it is guarding or you will be trapped by the circumstances. If someone you know is standing near the hellhound then that person had bad intentions so you should stay away.

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