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To dream of windows indicates your insight, vast possibilities, and bright hopes.

To see yourself looking out of a window symbolizes your consciousness, outlook, intuition, awareness, and point of view. It indicates that you are considering an important decision and may need guidance. Conversely, if you are looking at a window, you are searching your soul and trying to look within yourself.

To dream of a shut window implies abandonment and desertion.

To dream of broken and shattered windows signifies disloyalty and misery.

To dream of tinted windows symbolizes your great need for privacy and the things you do to get it. It implies that you have kept parts of yourself from those around you and have a great need to be ambiguous.

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To dream of a window washer symbolizes your self-ability to see an issue or situation clearly and give some perspective on it.

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To dream of a mannequin implies that you are being too passive about some issue in your life. It is a symbol of your personality or some characteristic. Pay attention to what the mannequin is wearing to search for meaning. Perhaps you are avoiding something that you need to say or do.

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To dream of walls indicates that you have obstacles in your path. You options are somewhat limited. You, or some external force, are blocking your progress. This may be as simple as self-limitation due to relying on old patterns and ways of thinking.

When you dream of yourself jumping over a wall, it foreshadows a solution to your obstacles. You will soon remove the barrier in front of you.

When you dream that you have broken down a wall, it is a subconscious memory of a childhood trauma or an indication that a current relationship is souring. It may also be an indication that you have realized there are boundaries in your life and that you are comfortable with them.

When you see yourself hiding behind a wall, your subconscious is showing you that you are ashamed of yourself, your behaviors, or of friends or family.

If you are thrown at a wall, it is an indication that it is time to find a way to remove the walls that are limiting you. Consider finding a way to explore your surroundings and possible solutions to your waking life problems.

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