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Unhappiness and discontentment over a waking life event is often represented by a dream in which you pay wages to employees.

Conversely, to dream that you are paid wages foretells great success in a personal business venture.

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To dream of wagers or bets is an indication of your future. A wager won implies a positive future filled with luck and happiness.

A wager lost implies a negative future, filled with sadness, grief, and poor luck.

Finally, to dream that you are placing a wager is an indication that your behavior in your waking life is less than truthful.

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To dream of yourself at work is an indication that you have anxiety about your current task or project. It may further indicate a need to get to work. There may be an aspect of your work life that you have been neglecting. Consider finishing any open projects. To see yourself at a former place of employment is an indication that a skill or lesson learned at that job needs to be applied to your current work environment. To see yourself working hard is a representation of merit and success. Conversely, it may indicate stress and anxiety about your current project or task. Stop procrastinating and get down to work.

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To dream about your income is a manifestation of actual worries about your finances. Money issues are among the major concerns of our everyday lives. It is expected that this topic will spring up in a dream every now and then.

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To dream about a paycheck represents success.
To receive a paycheck in a dream indicates that you feel deserving of praise in your work. You have great pride in a recent accomplishment.
To dream that you have lost your paycheck indicates that you are worried you won't be able to achieve your goals.

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