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To be in a video store in a dream represents a collection of your life's memories.
To search for a particular video in a store symbolizes a need to reconnect with an old memory in order to overcome past pains.

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To dream of a grocery or convenience store implies that you are feeling great pressure and stress with your personal thoughts and decisions. It may also mean that you are searching for alternative paths and choices.

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To dream of a pet store signifies your accountability and responsibility in a current task at hand.

To dream of buying pet represents a desire to inculcate oneself with the qualities of that pet.

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To play a videotape in a dream is to review your life. It may be time to take a moment and reflect upon past experiences and resolve old grudges or rekindle old dreams.
To rewind a videotape in a dream represents regret over past mistakes.

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To dream that you are playing a video game is an indication that you have the singular ability to make those around you do things for you, even if they do not wish to. Conversely, it may mean that there is a problem or situation in your waking life that you are attempting to avoid. You may be looking for a way out. It may be interesting to note the type of game you are playing. Does it have any special meaning?

To dream that you are a character within a video game indicates your belief that someone in your waking life is pulling your strings. Because of this, you feel out of control.

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To dream of a book store indicates that fictional and unrealistic ambitions will divert your attention from more important tasks and projects. These goals, if achieved, will prove fruitless and unfulfilling.

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To dream that you are holding or using a video camera is an indication that you often make poor decisions. You often rely on your emotions rather than cold, hard facts. Consider using your wisdom, not your heart, when faced with a decision.

To dream that someone else is holding or using a video camera is sign that you have been spending time thinking about your past. You may simply be enjoying happy memories, or you may be using your past experiences in more constructive manner as you attempt to learn from past mistakes.

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To dream of a liquor store symbolizes a feeling of temptation. You may be surrounded by friends or family who are tempting you to act against your own judgment. You may feel overwhelmed by the vast possibility of poor choices around you.
Alternatively you may be excited by the idea of acting outside the norm.

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*Please See Market.

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To dream of a hardware store says only one thing in which you need to take a deep look within you and consider a change of mindset and attitudes.

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To dream of visiting a lingerie store symbolizes a sexual atmosphere.
To dream of shopping in a lingerie store indicates a desire to reconnect with your feminine side.
A dream in which you buy lingerie for yourself may also indicate that you would like to appear more desirable to others.

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To dream about a CD signifies that you have a deep-seated need for more entertainment or possibly even a diversion. It represents possibility. Make note of the style of music that is playing within your dream. It you are handing out the CD for free, you could be attempting to spread a message to the person you're giving the CD within the music.

If the initials 'CD' are evident, this could represent something of meaning to you. It could indicate an individual or a play on the word 'seedy,' as in someone or something that is 'seedy.'

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To dream of a VCR is an indication that there is something in your waking life that you need to take careful note of. Document your actions if you can. It may indicate that there is a crucial piece of information missing. The VCR can also represent cherished memories and can be seen as a reminder to remember the lessons you have learned from past errors and mistakes. Finally, it may indicate that you and your actions have deeply impressed those around you. You will be long remembered.

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To dream of yourself at work is an indication that you have anxiety about your current task or project. It may further indicate a need to get to work. There may be an aspect of your work life that you have been neglecting. Consider finishing any open projects. To see yourself at a former place of employment is an indication that a skill or lesson learned at that job needs to be applied to your current work environment. To see yourself working hard is a representation of merit and success. Conversely, it may indicate stress and anxiety about your current project or task. Stop procrastinating and get down to work.

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To dream of a bank signifies your hopes for monetary stability. This dream could represent that your insecurities about finances are not based in reality.

If you dream that you are robbing a bank, this represents that you are spending excessive efforts and could run out of energy.

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To dream of a deli may indicate a movement toward the fulfillment of an exciting ambition. A great selection of money-making ideas may be about to become available and ready to put into action. To dream of owning a deli ensures success.

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To dream of visiting a salon may suggest that you are placing great focus on the way others perceive you. Too much attention is being placed on your outer beauty and attractiveness. It may also imply that a situation or relationship is fraught with dishonesty and concealment. It can also signify a coming or desired change.

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To dream that you are watching a movie suggests that you are taking life too easy. Take note how the movie parallels situations in your waking life. Analyze how the characters in the movie relate to your own circumstance and to which aspect of your personal life they represent.

To dream that you are playing a role in a movie portends that a repressed emotion may be revealing itself. Scenes from the movie may also represent images from your past. Alternatively, the dream may be pointing you toward a new role that you might be assuming in the future. Your unconscious may be preparing you for the said role.

To dream that the movie screen is blank suggests that you feel left out of some situations. This makes you depressed and lonely.

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To dream of pickles represents worries, fears, and recognition of impending troubles.

On the other hand, dreaming of a pickle may be perceived as a representation for the male genitalia. Sexual context from the subconscious is commonly concealed in dreams.

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To see a bottle in your dream indicates that you are repressing your emotions when you should be communicating them with others. Pay attention to what is inside the bottle. A bottle of champagne suggests that you should mix and mingle more; get out and meet people. A bottle of poison indicates that you are harboring feelings of anger and malevolence.
To see an empty bottle implies that you feel emotionally fatigued and don't possess enough mental energy.

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To dream that you are in a cellar symbolizes the area in your mind where you tend to bury your concerns and painful issues.

To dream that you are going down a cellar implies that you are prepared to confront these issues that you have been avoiding. You are ready to put the past behind you and move on with your life.