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Ecstasy  No comments yet

To dream of ecstasy suggests pleasure and merriment with your companions and family.

To dream about ecstasy in the moments after an upsetting dream indicates that you will encounter sadness and regret. You heart may be trying to heal from a recent situation.

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To dream that you are riding a ferry suggests that you are enduring changes within your life. You are channeling new ambitions and setting new goals.

To dream that you are waiting for a ferry indicates that things you may not have planned or expected could get in the way of your hopes and dreams.

Paradise  No comments yet

To dream that you are in paradise signifies a desire to attain nirvana. Your dream further signifies the need to retreat from pressing matters in your waking life.

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To dream of a school bus represents an upcoming expedition that will have a significant influence on your life.

To dream that you drive a school bus signifies that you enjoy being a leader and like to direct people down the right paths.

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To dream of a tank filled with water is an indication that you are pleased with your life and will soon experience prosperity and even greater happiness.

To see a war tank denotes your willingness to find protection at any cost; even if that protection is destructive itself. It may further indicate that you are expressing anger and pent-up feelings in a way that hurts those around you.

Time Travel  1 commented on this dream

To dream about time travel symbolizes a desire to get away from things as they are. You might wish to move backward, but a move forward could mean that all your dreams will come true. The dream also symbolizes a passionate and amorous essence.

Traveling  No comments yet

To dream that you are traveling denotes your life's journey. It tells of how satisfied you are with what is currently happening in your life.

To dream of traveling to an unknown area means that your opponents are keeping a close watch over you.

To dream that you are traveling in a car filled with people signifies fun-filled adventure with friends.

To dream that you are traveling alone in your car indicates trouble up ahead.

Truck  3 commented on this dream

To dream of a truck denotes that you are overworked. You may be asking for too many responsibilities. On a related matter, pregnant women are reported to dream of trucks or driving trucks often. This may represent the load they are carrying in their wombs, or their changing physical appearance.

Trunk  No comments yet

To dream of a trunk denotes days passed and the memories they carry. It might be an indication of some unresolved feelings in the past.

To see the trunk of a car suggests great travels and pleasant journey.

To see the trunk of a tree signifies your identity and personality. If it is large, this means that you are a strong, determined, and dependable person. If the trunk is thin and narrow, it means that you are a very sensitive individual.

Wagon  2 commented on this dream

To dream of a wagon indicates trouble in your near future. Consider carefully the road you have chosen and careful consider your options. The wagon may further symbolize your ability to preserve your resources and use them in carefully planned endeavors.

If your life is filled with unhappiness or if you have recently suffered the loss of a friend or cherished possession, you are likely to dream of an empty wagon.