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Dentures  No comments yet

To dream of dentures in your mouth suggests a family reunion that may hold unexpected news. It may feel as though it is your responsibility to provide for your family at all times but a dream of dentures is a message to take a break as it is acceptable to allow your loved ones to fend for themselves.

Killer Whale  No comments yet

A killer whale in a dream represents spiritual guidance. The killer whale is a dangerous animal which in a dream represents a part of your psyche which has great power but which must be followed carefully.

Orthodontist  No comments yet

An orthodontist in a dream represents worry about your control over others' perceptions of you. To have an adjustment at the orthodontist in a dream indicates your need to reevaluate the signals you give to others.

Flossing  No comments yet

A dream about flossing your teeth suggests that you are either trying to solve an issue or deal with it. It is about preparation for something that is concerning and bothering you.

**Please See Dental Floss.