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To dream of seeing or using a straw suggests that you are not treating others with the respect and consideration they deserve. Try to appreciate their achievements and value their worth. You will find that your relationship will grow closer.

To dream that you are buying straws implies that you are attempting to gain something, such as affection, through giving gifts or bribery.

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To dream of seeing or eating strawberries represents your erotic thoughts and desires. Strawberries reflect the female aspects especially referring to sex. This dream may also suggest that you are close to achieving your objectives.

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To dream of mats implies that you will soon be facing times of anguish and grief.

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To dream that you are making a pallet on the floor symbolizes an estranged relationship and parting between lovers.

A dream that you are sleeping on a pallet denotes the presence of a rival basking in jealousy over your glory and achievements.

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To dream of a stuffed animal suggests that you still cling to childish hopes and dreams. Perhaps you are attempting to avoid your obligations. It may also imply that you are under great pressure and you should have a little bit of fun and enjoyment. You need to revitalize yourself both emotionally and physically.

To dream that a stuffed animal is choking you implies that something or someone no longer makes you feel protected and secure. You are finding it difficult to express your deepest emotions, particularly ones pertaining to love and affection.

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To dream about thatching a roof in a flimsy way represents worry and a depressing environment.

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To dream about threshing grain symbolizes progress in commerce and familial happiness.

Albino  1 commented on this dream

To see an albino in your dream is a symbol of decency, honor, and infinity. You should have an open mind and consider the perceptions and beliefs of others.

To dream that you are afraid of the albino figure represents an unsubstantiated worry you harbor towards the welfare of someone who is of great importance to you. It may also signify your refusal to accept the truth.

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To see a blond person in your dream implies that you are taking life too seriously. You need to be more spontaneous and seek more entertainment. Do something strictly for your own pleasure.
To dream that you dye your hair blond is a direct implication that you should be more relaxed and laid-back.

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To dream that you are in charge of a zoo implies that you may be feeling out of control of your charges in waking life. Whether it is in the workplace or home, you may feel as though you need a tight rein on your children or employees as they are behaving restlessly and possibly recklessly.

Time out for everyone, especially yourself, is advised when finding yourself dreaming of zoos and zoo keepers.

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A dream about floating in an inner tube indicates that you feel you are on a path controlled by your emotions.
To dream of going with the flow in an inner tube indicates that you are comfortable following your emotions.

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Dreaming of berries on a bush means something growing and ripening in your life which is mainly a relationship or opportunity you are nurturing and caring for.
Dreaming of picking berries suggests you are yearning for leisure activity or time interacting with nature.
Eating berries in your dream indicates something good in your life and something of recent and prominent occurrence that is flowing to your mind a lot lately.