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To dream of your own stomach implies that you will be facing transformations and alterations. Perhaps you are reluctant for these transformations to occur. It may also reflect your feelings of distaste towards someone or something. The stomach is normally associated with our feelings.

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Prosperity as a result of good health and vitality is represented by an additional adverse dream if dreaming of affliction in this area of the body. If, however, you dream that your abdomen is uncovered, the opposite is true and forewarns betrayal and disloyalty. This may stem from an individual in whom you confide and cherish. Maximum care should be taken.

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A dream involving hearing accordion music foretells the coming of some pleasant event or activity that will help the dreamer feel better about something bad that has happened. If you dream that you are playing an accordion, it signifies that some strong feelings are resulting in physical and mental weariness.

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To dream that you swallow something suggests that you are reluctant to communicate your emotions. Perhaps you are harboring feelings of hostility, and you don't want to admit them.

To see a swallow in your dream represents revitalization and a new start.

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To dream about being thirsty indicates that you're trying to do too many things at once. But, if the thirst is relieved, it signals that all you want will be coming to you.

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To dream of your throat represents your talents in relaying your beliefs to others.

To dream about having a sore throat indicates that you are not being articulate. You might be afraid to speak. More literally, it could mean that you should 'swallow your pride.'

To admire a slender, attractive throat in a dream signals some improvement in your lot in life.

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To dream that you are eating tripe portends that you will soon feel disillusioned and disappointed.

To see tripe in your dream signifies disease and misfortune in your waking life.

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To dream of guts symbolizes your determination, endurance, and intensity. You possess incredible drive to achieve your goals.

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When we dream, we fall into a realm of our own; an alternate reality where it portrays a world of endless desires. Interpreting a dream such as the subconscious appetite, we must look at this matter from three basic angles.
The first possibility is both a mental and physical side of hunger which can be related to your body craving for food. The second possibility has most to do with other details and surrounding of the dream. Dreams sometimes use puns when they are portrayed. Look around and see what it is that you crave so much for. It may be related to sex, power, wealth or fame. Each of these desires varies by the person's lifestyle and here are some examples with more details:

Sex can be represented by knife, snake or phallus. Power could be seen as ventriloquism, unicorns and business suits. The wealth can be viewed as treasure, money and smile. A fame can be shown to be a star or a stage all in your dream.

Last but not least, the final and main perspective on such symbolism can be thought of as a superstitious one. It is believed that the hungrier you get, the brighter your future. It is also however thought that, to desire nourishment especially that of a fruit or fruits, it predicts a possibility of pregnancy.

If it is a lack of appetite that you experience, the following views can be expected. The first implies that you simply ate way too much before retiring for the day. The second entails contentment. And the third suggests an unchanging, consistent lifestyle.

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Feeling bloated in a dream symbolizes a very busy, overworked and overstressed time. You may have taken on a lot of responsibility or a lot of extra work lately so this may be reflecting in your dream.

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