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To dream of stickers implies that you want to revert back to your youth - a more innocent and simple time. Consider what is displayed on the sticker. This could pertain to a certain quality or attribute that you are finding it difficult to dispose of.

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To dream of a yard stick foreshadows anxiety regarding personal and/or business affairs.

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A dream about seeing a glow stick represents both a guiding light in the dark and a sense of fun that can only be experienced at night. It could represent an exciting secret or an enjoyable activity that is only available to be experienced in a very strict and limited time frame.

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To dream of a walking stick should be seen as a warning. You are making rash decisions in your waking life and over-committing yourself.

If you are using a walking to stick to move, you may want to consider how much you rely on those around you for advice. Are you taking advantage of a friendship?

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To dream that you are putting labels on items implies that your life is in disarray and you need to find stability. It may also mean that you too hastily form judgements and express these incorrect ideas to others.

To see or read labels in your dream indicates that an adversary has gained knowledge of personal information because you have let down your guard.

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To dream of a match implies that you should revive an old relationship or situation that has been neglected.

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To dream of a pool table signifies your need to be more cooperative. You have to learn how to work in harmony with others.

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To dream of syrup represents romanticism and reminiscence. It may also mean that you are dealing with a complicated issue.

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The wand is a symbol of love and the great power it can have over our lives.

To dream of the wand is an indication that you will soon experience this power. It may further be meant to remind you of your true good nature.

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To see your belly in your dream suggests that you are finally coming to terms with inner emotions or turmoil. The belly represents sentiments that aren't being communicated. This dream may also mean that you should have faith in your instincts.

To see a pregnant belly indicates that you have buried feelings deep inside and they are about to be exposed. It is too difficult to keep them hidden any longer.

To dream that you are stroking or touching a belly implies that you recognize and accept feelings that you harbor inside. These feelings have been buried for a long period of time, but you realize that you must confront them.

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To dream about playing billiards shows how much you love to compete. At the same time, you need to exhibit more decorum, whether winning or losing. It can also mean that you must work harder on resolving some dilemma.

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To dream of crayons symbolizes a stage of your life where you had less responsibilities and obligations. This could be from your youth or a time before you left home and had a family of your own. It also represents imagination and invention. Perhaps you should develop more innovative and interesting ideas. Pay attention to the color of the crayon to determine deeper meanings.

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To dream about glue suggests that you have concern or anxiety about being stuck in a situation. This could be a fear of getting involved in a deep relationship, or simply a matter of not trusting people in your life.

To dream that you are gluing something together indicates that you are accepting the existence of unfavorable traits within yourself.

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Hockey is a very competitive and challenging game. The act of wearing protective gear and playing defense reflects achievement and the need to protect yourself and your goals.

To dream about hockey while being chased in the middle of the game refers to all the hardships encountered in pursuit of your goals.