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To dream of steel represents power and intensity. The dream may also be a play on the word 'stealing.'

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To dream of a magnet implies that you are being influenced by unfavorable issues or situations that can only bring you shame and destruction. It may refer to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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To dream that you are wielding a sword symbolizes your determination and drive to succeed. You have high ambitions for your goals and objectives. The sword can also represent the male genitalia and other male aspects.

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To see an anvil in your dream indicates that you alone will be able to attain your goals without assistance. However, to reach those objectives, you will experience great hardship and must overcome several hurdles.

To see a broken anvil in your dream implies that you have made a wrong decision that can never be reversed.

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To dream of wielding a machete indicates the cutting through of old ideas in your consciousness. This will prepare you for new growth, both emotional and spiritual.

To see a machete on the ground before you indicates an opportunity to make a positive step towards personal fulfillment. You must summon the courage to pick it up.

Someone else wielding a machete at you suggests it is time to be brave enough to walk away from a situation that may be causing you to feel threatened and under attack.

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