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To dream of people you know as statues implies that you are having difficulties conversing with or expressing your thoughts to these people. Perhaps the bond you share with this person is strained. On a more positive note, it may symbolize a person who you hold with high esteem.

To dream that you are a statue implies that your ideals and beliefs are unrealistic.

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To dream of the Statue of Liberty represents liberty and loyalty. You are expressing your individuality and are asserting your opinions and thoughts. It is also a symbol of capitalism and nationalism.

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To dream of Madonna represents the nurturer of everlasting life and all that is perfect in the world. It also symbolizes good fortune.

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To dream of being on a pedestal suggests you are appreciated by people around you. On the other hand, it may be an indication of excessive self-confidence.

Seeing a pedestal in your dream represents something or someone that you admire.

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A dream set in New York symbolizes a busy lifestyle. You may not be getting a truly restful sleep and wake up feeling exhausted.
Alternatively, a dream about New York may represent your aspirations to big city success. You envision yourself on top of the world, in the middle of it all.

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A niche in a dream represents a place of honor and protection. An object placed in a niche in your dream has emotional and spiritual value for you.

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A dream about America symbolizes your personal hopes and aspirations. These will differ from person to person, but the underlying theme is the possibility that America offers. Depending on what background you come from or your political leanings, America may also symbolize something more serious and important. Analyze this within the context of your waking life.

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