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To dream of stamps implies that you need to express yourself to others. Pay attention to the picture and the amount on the stamp. The symbol may also be a play on the words 'stamping your feet.' Perhaps you should be more assertive and positive.

To see a stamp collection in your dream implies that you are having financial or security problems.

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To dream about seeing or showing a badge means that you are proud of your achievements and have high self-esteem.

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To dream of feathers floating in the air represents a good life with opulence and of wealth. It could indicate your easygoing nature and ability to enjoy life. This dream can also indicate that you are too rushed in making decisions or that you have lost your honor.

To dream about chicken feathers suggests that there will be small troubles coming to you. If you witness peacock or ostrich feathers, then you will have success in social settings.

To dream that you are buying or selling feathers represents economical or prudent behaviors.

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To dream of seeing a sign implies that you are in need of some kind of support. You require someone to help you take control and lead you down the right path. Make great efforts to decode the message of the sign and what it is suggesting you to do.

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To dream of uprooted plants represents that you are not in balance. You may feel secluded or detached from others. It may also represent failed attempts to reestablish family ties or broken family relations.

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To dream of a voucher indicates that there are people around you who wish you ill will. They plot and scheme against you. Carefully watch your money; their plots may cost you dearly.

Signing a voucher in a dream implies the opposite. You have surrounded yourself with people you can truly trust.

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To dream about an eraser indicates that you should deal with errors that you have created.

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To dream about calling or seeing an exterminator suggests that you need to sever relationships with people who attempt to keep you from reaching your goals.

To dream that you are an exterminator indicates that you must deal with your shortcomings and rise to the tasks at hand.

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Most people don't let go of previous experiences or memories. Sometimes they might think they are over a situation, but one day all the memories come gushing back.

To dream about being haunted indicates early unpleasant experiences and feelings that still haunt you.

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Home often refers to security, basic needs, and strong rooted values. It is a very special and private place.

To dream of your childhood home and its memories indicates a desire to build a family. It may also reveal some aspects of your personality which were developed while you lived there. Going back to your old home or even visiting it in your dream can bring back old feelings that seem to be buried in the past. Dreams about being unable to find your home reflects a loss of faith and can point to a huge transition taking place in your present life.

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To dream that a tag is sticking out of your clothing or still attached to merchandise that you have purchased suggests that a detail that could have been overlooked may soon become clear. Be aware to treat any forthcoming details with the attention they deserve, as this could be more important than you think.

To dream of being tagged or tagging another in a game is an indication that you may be singled out for some reason. Or, this may signify somebody you desire.