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To dream that you are on a stage symbolizes how you influence others through your actions and performances. This is how you relate to other people.

Perhaps you require being the focus of everyone's consideration. Pay attention to your actions on the stage. This can also have significant meaning.

To dream that you are on a side stage implies that you are a passive person. You should be more assertive and outgoing.

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To dream of larva represents a new beginning. You are experiencing a change of heart and you are being molded into a mature, changed person.

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To dream about being in a theater means that pleasure will come from impending friendships. Think about how what's onstage mirrors things in your daily living. See how the actors' roles relate to you. Maybe you're assuming a different guise.

To dream that you are laughing or clapping in a theater means that you want to have fun now, instead of concentrating on future success.

To dream about a fire in a theater indicates that you are gambling when taking on fresh endeavors.

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To see or dream that you are walking a catwalk signifies that you have faith in yourself and your abilities. Perhaps you want people to notice and admire you. It may also mean that others appreciate your efforts and are aware of your originality and individuality.

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To dream of a year passing is a specific indication of an important milestone in your waking life. Take note of other aspects of your dream, as there may be cause for celebration in your life.

To dream of someone acknowledging one year suggests it is time to review your life and give thanks and credit to whom it is due.

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To dream of your name written down before you may indicate an identity crisis and the unconscious need to affirm said identity.

Someone saying your name in a dream is often a reminder to embrace yourself, make choices regarding your values, and enjoy the life you are living now.

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A juicer in a dream represents a desire to understand a deeper meaning. You are searching for the essence of a problem, to understand the inner workings of a friend. Alternatively a juicer in a dream may symbolize health or a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Legs in a dream symbolize your control over your life's path and are strongly connected to your sense of self. Legs give a person the ability to stand, walk, run, play sports, or various other possible activities.
To dream that you have lost your legs or become crippled indicates that you are afraid of losing control over the direction of your life. You may be struggling with a lack of courage or the ability to stand up for yourself.
To dream of losing just one leg, or having one leg shorter than the other, indicates a lack of balance in your life. You may also be pursuing a path half-heartedly, still carrying doubts about your choices.
Standing up on two legs is often cited as a symbol of the difference between a human and an animal.
To dream that you cannot stand on your legs may also represent a feeling that you have lost a high position in life. You may have become controlled by animal desires, or you may feel that others are treating you with less respect than you deserve.
To dream that you have more than two legs represents divided interests. Each leg may try to pull you in opposite directions and you feel torn between possible actions. You may have taken on too many tasks at work and are struggling to keep up with conflicting responsibilities.
To dream of crossed legs symbolizes a barrier between you and others. This barrier may be emotional or intellectual, indicating closed mindedness.

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Nike in a dream represents victory. To see a pair of Nike shoes in your dream symbolizes desire to achieve your goals.

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To dream that you are walking on scaffolding indicates that you are nervous about a high position you have obtained or would like to obtain in life. It may seem like the life you have built for yourself is a precarious network of luck and lies.
To feel light and free standing on high scaffolding indicates that you are comfortable living on the edge and moving ahead in whatever direction life leads you.

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To dream of an amphitheater suggests that you are currently being closely watched or scrutinized. Rather than letting this overwhelm you, turn it around and use it to your advantage.
Dreaming you are in an amphitheater symbolizes a position of trust. Try not to let those close to you feel down.