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Adder  No comments yet

To dream of an adder means you should beware of a scheming or devious person. They should not be believed. This could also represent an individual or opportunity that escaped your grasp.

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To dream of an anaconda signifies your inventiveness and prospects. This creature also indicates a personal need to focus on your sexuality.

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To dream about an asp is a symbol of adversity, loss of self-worth and anger.

Cobra  No comments yet

To dream of a cobra indicates imagination, inspiration, and innovative ideas. You are being mesmerized or blindsided by a certain issue or person.

Crawling  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are crawling implies that you have put much deliberation and research in your pursuit of your objectives. It may also mean that you are not striving as hard as you should be. You can achieve more than you give yourself credit for. To dream that you are crawling out of a wreck or ruins symbolizes your determination and persistence.

To dream that someone is crawling towards you implies that you want to dominate a situation or manipulate it for your benefit.

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To dream about a gopher indicates that you are feeling as though someone took advantage of you. This dream could be a play on words, such as 'go for it,' and may indicate that you have ambition to get something done.

Pandora's Box  No comments yet

To dream of Pandora's Box suggests a belief that you are dangerous or evil. A toxic belief system may be at play. You could be protecting yourself against intimacy because you may hurt your loved ones.

To open Pandora's box is a strong indication that you may need to seek help in opening your heart and may, in fact, be ready to do so.

Hagstone  No comments yet

To dream of finding a hagstone indicates a charmed or lucky person. Holding a hagstone in your hands suggests a great deal of power is currently at your disposal. To dream of throwing a hagstone is a message to think positively as you may lack of personal empowerment. Literally, to dream of a seeing a hagstone in the distance may be indicating that it is time to get your eyes checked. To find a hagstone in water indicates the power to recover from a recent emotional trauma. On the whole a hagstone in a dream is a fortunate omen.

Boa Constrictor  No comments yet

Seeing a boa constrictor in a dream represents something closing in on you. For instance, a deadline may be looming or you may keep getting work piled on. You may feel like life is 'tightening' around you and constricting your breathing (a symbol of your life).