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Earplugs  1 commented on this dream

Dreaming of earplugs indicate the desire to turn away from an issue in your waking life. Listening to others may be registering in your unconscious as burdensome; you may need some peace and quiet.

Alarm Clock  No comments yet

To dream of an alarm clock is your unconscious letting you know that an important time is drawing near.
To dream of the clock going off but you are not responding is a reminder to keep to your appointments in the near future so as not to miss a vital piece of information.
Dreaming of an alarm clock that doesn't work shows that you may not be valuing another's time and effort could be made to show that you are in fact grateful for all that they do for you.

Incubus  No comments yet

The incubus in a dream represents a nefarious drain of emotional resources. To be the incubus in a dream is to take strength from others through an immoral act. You may feel that you are stealing someone's success at the office by taking too much credit on a group project, but this act is improving your ego and reputation. To be seduced by an incubus in a dream is to be drained of inner strength.

Insomnia  No comments yet

Insomnia in a dream indicates unresolved problems within your subconscious. Insomnia results in an inability to connect with your inner self via dreams. A strong disconnection exists between your inner emotions and your outer life.

Lingerie Store  No comments yet

To dream of visiting a lingerie store symbolizes a sexual atmosphere.
To dream of shopping in a lingerie store indicates a desire to reconnect with your feminine side.
A dream in which you buy lingerie for yourself may also indicate that you would like to appear more desirable to others.

Recurring Dream  2 commented on this dream

To have a recurring dream indicates that the problem your mind is trying to work out is also recurring. Whether this dream comes every night or every month, the problem is also recurring at that same rate. It would be wise to find the trigger for this dream, in order to interpret the symbolism within it.

Bedwetting  No comments yet

Bedwetting in a dream is a classic symbol for loss of control. Wetting the bed indicates a situation in which you feel out of control, helpless and possibly ashamed.