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Paramedics  No comments yet

Paramedics in a dream symbolize assistance.
To be saved by paramedics in a dream may symbolize the power of your friends to help you through hard times.

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To take quinine in a dream represents guilt over a secret that you are keeping. You have built up a great deal of worry that your secret will be discovered.

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To dream that you are a rebel represents a need to step outside the norm. You may need to try new things, take risks, or seek adventure to find true happiness.
To be a rebel in a dream may also indicate that you need to take a fresh perspective in order to solve a problem.

Recurring Dream  2 commented on this dream

To have a recurring dream indicates that the problem your mind is trying to work out is also recurring. Whether this dream comes every night or every month, the problem is also recurring at that same rate. It would be wise to find the trigger for this dream, in order to interpret the symbolism within it.

Welfare  No comments yet

To dream of being on welfare indicates that you feel rescued and cared for by someone other than yourself. You may have a strong family or group of friends who you know will be there for you in times of trouble.
Alternatively, a dream in which you are ashamed to be on welfare may indicate a fear of judgment from others or a fear of failure.