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To dream that you are in a pit points to a sense of despair about some situation or problem.

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To dream that you or something is sinking implies that you feel overpowered by a situation, issue, or person. You may harbor emotions of unworthiness and unimportance. It is possible that you may be reaching the conclusion of a phase or period in your life. Pay attention to the item that is sinking and determine the symbolism of this item.

*See Drowning

Depression  No comments yet

To dream that you are depressed suggests that you have difficulty making friends or networks. You can't see how the things you do affect all other aspects of your life.

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To dream of something hollow refers to the womb and nurturing feelings. Hollow things can also represent a hidden secret or an empty box. Sometimes, it's a mere manifestation of your current emotions, perhaps that of unimportance, negligence, and emptiness. You need to understand that no one can fill that hollowness but yourself. Appreciate yourself and acknowledge what you have in life.

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