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To dream that you or others are sick symbolizes disharmony and obstacles that you are experiencing. It may also represent the need for emotional or physical repair. It is possible that you are caught in a circle of depression. It is important to lift yourself up, brush yourself off, and work through this hardship.

*See Illness

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To dream of a sickle represents your efforts and determination. It is symbolic of your labor and hard work. The symbol may also be a clever word play on 'sicko.'

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To dream of a revolt indicates a need to break free from peer pressure. This might mean you still struggle at maintaining consistency, and will often give in to peer pressure.

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To dream that you are lying on a stretcher implies that you require assistance in a certain aspect of your life. Your feelings regarding these issues should be addressed immediately.

To see a stretcher in your dream indicates that you will soon be faced with hardships and obstacles.

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To dream of a wheelchair is a symbol of a handicap, though not necessarily a physical one. It is an indication that you have been relying on the assistance of others instead of handling your problems yourself. You may feel that you cannot control some aspect of your waking life. Conversely, it may mean that you are letting the people in your life take advantage of you or 'push you around.' You must not allow anyone, no matter how close, to use you.

If you dream that a friend or family member, able-bodied in your waking life, is using a wheelchair, this should be seen as a call to action. They are in desperate need of your help but cannot bring themselves to ask you outright. Instead your subconscious mind has picked up on subtle hints. Seek them out and offer your friendship and your help.

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To dream that you are enduring an affliction of some kind denotes a potential catastrophe heading your way.

To dream that an affliction affects others, you will be enveloped by bad fortune and possible anguish.

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To dream that you have cancer signifies a sense of despair, sadness, and pity. You also have an inability to exonerate or condone. You believe that you are throwing your life away one minute at a time. This dream also suggests there are aspects about your life that you are happy with, that are causing you grief, or are in some other way creating emotional pain.

To dream that someone else has cancer suggests that you should consider altering your antipathetic demeanor or manner of thinking before it becomes a cancer within your own life. Become more optimistic.

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To dream that you have a disease suggests that you may come down with an illness. Your dreams, on occasion, can spot a virus or other infiltrator prior to you showing symptoms.

To dream that your disease is incurable indicates that you will soon be out of a relationship and be pleased by this.

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To dream of being disgusted signifies a part of you that you've ignored or refused to accept. You have concerns about conflict and don't have the appropriate skills to defend yourself.

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To dream of an illness signifies despair, objectionable adjustment, and an emotional collapse. The illness may be a way out of your incompetence in coping with a situation. On a more direct note, a dream about being sick may predict actual health concerns. Pay attention to the ill body part involved in your dream.

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To dream of wielding a machete indicates the cutting through of old ideas in your consciousness. This will prepare you for new growth, both emotional and spiritual.

To see a machete on the ground before you indicates an opportunity to make a positive step towards personal fulfillment. You must summon the courage to pick it up.

Someone else wielding a machete at you suggests it is time to be brave enough to walk away from a situation that may be causing you to feel threatened and under attack.

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To dream of seeing yourself as overly pale may indicate a situation or relationship that is leaving you feeling emotionally drained. Alternatively, it could be a physical reminder to make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet.

When another person is looking too pale, it may be that an aspect of yourself isn't being expressed adequately.

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